Kitty Stone Elementary

What is going on in Gifted Class?

I hope your students have been telling you about all of the many exciting things we have going on in Gifted Class right now. 4th grade has been learning about the ins and outs of electricity, while 5th grade has been using living eco-columns to dive into the world of plants and animals. 6th grade just wrapped up rocks and minerals and now we are on to biomes.

Science is just one aspect of our class though. We are simultaneously working on concept units as part of the Gifted program. For our units, we are learning about the sinking of the Titanic, the wonders of Ancient Egypt and the amazing world of Inventing. I am very excited about all that has already happened this year and the wonderful things that are in store.

Our 3rd-5th graders have been accepted into the Celebrate Science Program at McWane Science Center. Unfortunately, the program is not open to 6th graders, but I know they will love to support their younger classmates. Just to tell you a little about the program, the students will be working together to design and build a prototype for an exhibit at the McWane Center. We will be competing against other schools in Alabama to have our prototype on display at McWane. Please be on the look out for more information to come soon.


  • If you have not already, please send in your $5 lab fee. This helps to cover the cost of the materials needed for these wonderful hands-on activities.
  • If you didn't send Kleenex for the boys and paper towels for the girls at the beginning of the year, we would appreciate those also. We are very hands-on and frequently run through a roll of paper towels.
  • You can follow your child's grades for Science in Edmodo. (Edmodo does not average exactly the same as INOW, our grading program, so the grades may differ. The grade in INOW is the official grade and the grade in Edmodo is just an approximation.)

Here are just a few of the things we are working on.

Coming Soon!

Field Trips

We have a few "bring the field trip to us" opportunities coming up.

  • On Monday September 30th, our 5th graders had the amazing opportunity to Skype with world-renowned Egypotologist Dr. Kara Cooney!! It was a wonderful introduction to our study of Ancient Egypt.
  • On October 9, Alabama Power will be coming to give our fourth graders a closer look into electricity.
  • We will soon be taking our first field trip. As part of the Celebrate Science program, we will be taking a field trip to the McWane Center. Even though they won't be participating in the program, we can't leave our 6th graders behind. They will be able to go with us and participate in a LabWorks class. More information to come very soon.