North Korea

By: Raquel Trolliet

Background Inormation

Population: 24,983,205

Government Type: Communist

Capital: Pyŏngyang

Leader: Kim Jong Un

Language: Korean


In North Korea, there are many hills, mountains wide coastal plains in the west, and deep narrow valleys. 46% of the area is land. The winters are long and bitter and summers are usually full with rain. Lead, tungsten, zinc, graphite, magnesite, iron one, copper, gold, pyrites, salt, fluorspar, hydro power, and coal are all examples of natural resources. Total, there is 120,538 sq km. 120,408 of that is land and 130 is water. Some major cities in North Korea are: Sinuiju, Chongqing, Tachyon, Hamburg, Kaechon, Wonsan, and Sariwon.


North Korea's GDP per capita is extremely low at $1,800 (208th to the world). There have been many crop failures. Throughout the past years, food assistance has declined and crops have been living under poor conditions. The majority of crops grown are rice, corn, potatoes, soybeans, pulses, beef, pork, and eggs. Their unemployment rate is 25.6%. Their imports add up to 5.2 billion and they are in debt of 5 billion dollars. North Korea's exchange rate is at 7,900. In the mid 1990s, things were bad for North Korea. Many people were starving and weak. Overall, North Korea isn't a very stable country, but is slowly making improvements.


North Korea have many sports, but football (soccer) is a popular one. Women play the same sports too and volleyball is very popular. Although North Korea may have a lot of sports to play, they aren't very good. The last World Cup they attended was in 2010. They failed to get passed the group stages. At the bottom of the group stages, finishing bottom of the group and losing all three matches.

North Korea is involved in the Summer Olympics. They did well there. They brought home five medals including one gold. They are involved in freestyle wresting, boxing, weightlifting, ect. Every year, they have received a medal. Although we talk about Summer Olympics, North Korea was also involved in many Winter Olympics too. In 2006, North and South Korea marched under the Unification Flag at the Turin Games to welcome themselves as the nation of Korea.

Some popular athletes in North Korea are Hong Un-gong, an artistic gymnast. She was the 2014 Olympic champion in vault. An Kim-ae won the gold medal in the Women's 52 kg for the Olympics in 2012. Lastly, Key Sun-Hi is a North Korean judoka. She won three Olympic medals in different weight classes in 1996, 2000 and 2004.


The end of Japanese rule following World War ll (1939-1945) marked the beginning of a peculiar era for Korean history that continues today. Korea was partitioned into northern and southern halfs. The Korean language operated on a dual system: in premodern Korea, oral language was indigenous Korean, but the script was Chinese. The Koreans developed more vowels and consonants. At the end of the 12th century, about 99% of North Koreans could read and write their own languages. North Korea was founded in 1948. The USA and Soviet Union replaced the Japanese in 1945. North Korea was regarded as a Soviet satellite sate. The Soviet Union fell in 1991, however, North Korea's socialism stood out in the post-Cold War world. South and North Korea share a half-century history of confrontation, and stem together in one nation.


North Koreans eat rice and meat soup to represent the symbol of good food. Visitors from over seas are usually given meat, vegetables, dairy products, and fruit. North Korean diets do not include spicy food. They also do not have candy or sweets.... sugar is in short supply and is regarded. Sixteenth birthdays are usually celebrated as a commemoration of longevity. In the past, they used to confine trade counterparts to socialists. Most women wear dresses while men wear nice suits. How you dress determines on how rich you are. New Years is celebrated along with Day of the Shining Star, Army Day, Labor Day, Victory Day, and Indecency Day. There are also many gatherings when Koreans talk about their ruler and beliefs and chants happen. North Koreans come together and all have strong beliefs.

Currnet Events

Today, North Korea is busy with upcoming events. North Korea's general army staff has begun to be forgotten in the state media reports, and an uproar has begun. A new vote many also go out that waitresses would need to dance and sing at restraints for more entertainment and to attract more costumers. The waitresses are known to be loyal, so the government thinks they wont have a problem with entertaining costumers, but others believe it's not fair to use people like that, so they are taking a vote. North Korea is very different from USA by many reasons. We each have our strengths and weaknesses. Although North Korea may not be the most stable country, they are still fighting for equality.


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