Living To Die


Stairs Of Death

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A Soviet honor guard stands before the Todesstiege, "Stairs of Death." Mauthausen was designated a category III or penal camp. Inmates in punishment details were forced to carry heavy stone blocks up the 186 steps leading from the camp quarry. Mauthausen was located 12.5 miles southeast of Linz near an abandoned stone quarry on the Danube River in Upper Austria.

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These pictures show dead bodies of Jews after the gas chambers & from starving to death.
The Holocaust

My own thoughts about the Holocaust & Concentration Camps?

I think the holocaust was messed up. I feel bad for everybody that had to go threw that.

My thoughts about Anti-Semitism? & The Ghetto

I don't think it's right personally, People shouldn't be discriminated by they race or religion because that person wit a different religion could be just like you. People shouldn't be so quick to judge.

I would never live in what dey had to live in, I would of refused an got killed because I was not goin for that at all.