History review

By: Samantha Pryor


•This scientist made regular observations using the telescope.

•He discovered mountains on the moon

Russian Revolution

•The Bolsheviks ousts the Romanov’s.

•The Romanov’s ruled Russia for 300 years


•Philosopher that made a study of government.

•Believed in separation of powers

Napoleon Blunders

•Napoleon put his brother in charge of Spain

•French Navy could not defeat the British


•Ruler holds total power

•Tied to the Divine Rights of Kings

Ferdinand Magellan

•His expedition completed the first circumnavigation of the Earth

U.S. entered WW1

•The Germans torpedoed the Lusitania

•The Germans send telegram to Mexico asking them to join them in the war (Zimmerman telegram)

Henry Vlll

•King of England

•Wanted an heir to the English throne

•Divorced his wife


•Wrote plays


•Shareholder in Theater company

Natural rights