Xanth Chronicles

Piers Anthony


Xanth is a 36 book series. I know what you are thinking. This is a loooooong series but it is worth it. The author has enticed me all the way to book 19. Trust me it has been worth it. The whole series is a family tree. It starts with 4 people who become friends they form 2 couples. The couples get married and have children. The 1st couple (Bink and Chameleon) names their kid Dor, the 2nd couple (Trent and Iris) name theirs Irene. This is the 2nd generation. Dor and Irene have kids and name them Ivy, Dolph, and Ida. This is the 3rd generation. Ivy marries a guy named Grey, Dolph marries a girl named Electra and Ida doesn't marry. Grey and Ivy have kids and name them Harmony, Rhythm, and Melody. Dolph and Electra have kids and name them Dawn and Eve. This is the 4th generation. While this is happening the generations have friends and they have kids.


This book series is so great and wonderful that it has kept me interested for over 6 months!!


The first book was published September 1977 and still continues to this day !! That tells you how successful it is.


"Centaurs! Dragons! Action, jokes and people being transformed into basilisks and sphinxes. I was hooked." - Salon.com