Home Design of the Future


Sustainable Ecosystem

I would create a green environment around my home by planting all sorts of plants like the Red-eyed Dracnea, Chinese Evergreen and Gabara Daisy. I would plant these particular plants because they filter the air making it a healthier environment for the people who live in it. Some plants that I would Plant in my vegetable Garden would be Kale, Beans, Tomatoes, Carrots, Cucumbers and Beats. These are only some of the plants i would grow in my garden because they are some of the healthiest vegetables out there. For example kale it is one of the top trending vegetables right now because it has lots of nutrients and vitamins. For pesticides i wouldn't use any because i want my plants to be fresh, healthy and i don't want to be eating any chemicals. For fertilizers i would use cow manure so that its ecologically friendly. The mode of transportation that would be parked in my driveway would be an electric car and a bicycle. The electric car that i would have would be a BMW i8 because it is a fully electric car so it causes no pollution and it's sleek and sporty at the same time. I would also have a bike because it's a mode of transportation that costs no money to operate. As a waste system i would use recycling so that i can reuse reduce and recycle. The endangered species i would sponsor at a local zoo would be the Giant Panda because the giant panda is one of those species threatened to be wiped off the planet. It is also one better known and loved species in the world and one of the strongest symbols of nature conservation(WWF Symbol).

Atoms, Elements and compounds

Chemicals in my home that are toxic to humans:
  • Air Freshener
  • Detergent
  • Cosmetics


It is located in the Alkali Metals and it is a Metal.

The Characteristics of Electricity

The type of electrical energy source i would use would be solar power. A couple of reasons why is:
  • It’s free
  • It’s infinitely renewable
  • It can reduce your utility costs
  • It comes with incentives
  • It increases your energy self-reliance
  • It can also increase your home’s value
  • It’s extremely reliable
It is also a very sustainable source for future generations because a solar panel lasts 15-20 years. I can make my houses physical structure more efficient by making the roof bigger so i can fit more solar panels and save more energy. I can also put in some skylights so that i don't have to be using electricity at all times and let some natural light in. The type of appliances i would have would be a fridge, oven, freezer all the basic appliances and all of them would be energy efficient, and that all of them have the EnerGuide label on them. For the lighting in my house my light bulbs would be LED because they give out a lot of light and less energy is taken up and more money is being saved per year.

The Study of the Universe

  1. The Non-Nuisance Smoke Detector
NASA actually didn't invent the first Smoke detector, but they created a more modern version (With Honeywall Corporation in 1970)
Some features that it has is:
  • It has a self recharging nickel cadium battery
  • It protects us from the dangers of fire damage and smoke without continuous false alarms
  • It prevented noxious gases from harming the crew
2. Memory Foam
Launching astronauts into space at speeds of 17,500 miles per hour meant it wasn't going to be a comfortable ride until NASA invented memory foam. NASA commissioned Charleo Yost to minimize impact and increase survivability of crashes aboard Apollo.