The Green Revolution

( is Amazing )

Pros. VS. Cons

The Green Revolution's pros defiantly outweighs its cons (or potential cons). The truth is, that the green resolution has saved millions of lives, helped billions of farmers, and boosted world growth and the world economy as whole. The only arguments against this hugely beneficial movement are extremely weak in comparison. Claims of increased pollution of "predictions" of more desertification do not even compare to the millions of innocent lives that have been saved from the deadly clutches of starvation. The most important part of the green revolution, and inherently the most relevant part t us is simple it lies in the fact that the green revolution is still happening today, we are living through this drastic change. We are witnessing these wonders of modern technology, and better yet, we are inheriting them. We are inheriting the green revolution, its pros and cons its benefits and challenges. Therefore it is our responsibility to strengthen this movement and to nourish it just as it has nourished us. We are the future of the green revolution, and ultimately the end result is in our hands. We can choose to fight this movement, or we can chose to embrace it, and win the fight against world hunger forever.