Astana Expat Service Center

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Welcome to the Astana Expat Service Center!

Astana Expat Service Center is a unique service organization that can offer professional, useful, and comprehensive services to expatriates in Astana. We have a dynamic and professional staff that are dedicated to provide you with useful information and services that will make your life easier when living, and doing business in Astana.

We want to help the expats who are living in Astana city.

We have already established a good cooperative partnership with law firms, accounting firms, investment companies and business Consultancy Company in Astana and overseas.

Our services

In the Kazakh land with a different language and culture, we aim to offer the highest quality, and comprehensive services to make your stay in Astana more convenient and enjoyable despite the strict weather conditions.
Astana Expat Service Center solves issues and eliminates any problems that you may encounter during your stay starting from visa ranging to registrations, legal services, language courses, translations, notarization, traveling, receiving at airports, real estate, car service, children care, and their enrollment to schools, entertainment, and weekend parties.

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  • Visa
  • Registration
  • Legal services
  • Language courses
  • Traveling
  • Real estate
  • Children care
  • Entertainment