Mclaren P1

Worlds only hyper car

Extra facts

Oh look at that Ferrari.Oh look a Lamborghini.Look that Mercedes.What happened the McLaren P1.The worlds only hyper-car.Speed can go up to 650 mph.From 0-100 in 4 seconds.0-650 in 30 seconds.I put your little Ferrari to shame.Shame I tell you!Okay it might not be faster then a Bugatti.But this is made of GOLD.only car with a seat and steering wheel in the middle.middle. Boom shaka laka beat your Lamborghini.And Mercedes don't try me.1000 horse power what can your little Mercedes do now.look at this website if like this(which you should) look at this site

Mclaren P1 cost

McLaren P1 isn't a simple car to understand with extreme mileage and engines.It might not be the most popular in North America.But if you look in London it all the hype.but The cost isn't cheap ether.Here are some reasons

-Its made of gold pure gold.(not the window or the engine duh)

-World only hyper car

-And its made of gold

The cost(hold on your socks for this one)1.5 million dollars.Well you don't expect the cost to be some where around 50,000 do you.For example look at this video for more info