Team Juno Newsletter

September 2015

Here comes fall!

September was a busy month for all of us... a transition time from summer vacation to school after an avaMAZING August! There are many things to celebrate from September! I hope this newsletter (our very first!) will help you to get to know other members of our team and allow us to celebrate all of our successes in our avaBUSINESSES! Feedback is welcomed!

Top in Sales, Sponsoring and Bookings

Promotions and Quick Start

How Do You Do It?!

The qualifications for Star
-$300 in personal sales
-1 active leg ($300 in sales)
*That means you get promoted, and paid on, when you bring just one friend along with you!*

The qualifications for Double Star
-$600 personal sales (That is just 1-2 avaHOURS!)
-2 active legs ($300 each in sales for the month)
-$2000 in group sales (your $600+ included)

Quick Start 1
-In your first FULL month with Ava Anderson, submit $1000 in sales.
-Earn a $50 shopping spree for doing so.
(When you sponsor new consultants in your Quick Start period -first 3 FULL months- your new consultant is eligible for these rewards, and you are eligible for "matching" rewards)
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Active Consultants

Submitting $300+ in sales per month gives you "active status"
Perks? $90+ in commission ... Eligible to be paid on your new team members ... Sharing Ava's message ... Earn host rewards

  • Marlene Webb
  • Alison Hux
  • Amanda Head
  • Lauren Glynn
  • Jodie Jordan
  • Kelbi Morris
  • Erin Hebert
  • Jennifer Garcia
Don't forget to read the weekly update!

Here is the company's weekly update from 10.9.15

Other Announcements

  • Keep your eyes open for the announcements of new, pocket-sized Did You Know brochures and updated Business Opportunity brochures. (If you need either now, I would recommend ordering a small quantity or splitting with another local consultant. I think that even once the new DYKs come out, the trifold ones will still be very much useful and possibly more appropriate for handing out at events and avaHOURS. You can choose to do whatever you would like, but I think the pocket-sized ones will work great for mailing with post cards or literature or when meeting people out and about.
  • avaOILS workshop on 10/15 in Bellingham, MA (all of you who are in RI/MA should have a FB invite for this).
  • avaMEETING on 11/6 in Bellingham
  • Check out for product testimonials, Ava's blog and consultant success stories.
  • avaCON 2016 (Plan to be there AT LEAST 4pm on Friday 4/22 until 1pm on Sunday 4/24)
  • Leader Day 2016- April 22, 2016 (promote to Triple Star between now and March 31st for an exclusive invite)

*Qualifications for Triple Star*

-$800 in personal sales

-3 active legs (1 one of them must be a STAR leg)
-$4000 in group sales
-keep sponsoring new consultants to ensure that you have more 3 people you are counting on to be an active leg... building wide will provide you with a safety net if someone has an off-month, and also allow the $4000 in group sales to come more easily)