Lucy's Library Blast

December 7, 2015

Hour of Code Week!

Hour of Code is an opportunity each December to introduce and reinforce coding with students. There are a ton of resources out there. Here is a listing some excellent ones:

This link takes you to a really cool interview with the lead coder for Minecraft...

This link takes you to a Smore developed by Robin Coultras, which you can share with your students...

This link takes you to a Symbaloo page that another librarian in the district developed...

If you can't access the laptop cart, schedule time in the library to introduce coding.

What is Symbaloo?

I referred to Symbaloo in the segment above. It is a very efficient means of making order out of your many webpages that you keep up with. I have one and use it all the time. Go to and follow the simple directions. This is a screen shot of my symbaloo:
Big image
Big image

Please note that the library does not loan out headphones. :(

The Library will check out books over the Holidays!

I've had several students ask if they will be able to check books out over the holidays and I say, YES! In fact, I've got a special bookmark for student checking out books between now and the 18th. Fa la la!!!

Look for a couple of elves to be coming around over the next two weeks reading The Polar Express and serving hot chocolate to the good little boys and girls who still BELIEVE.