Shanghai Maglev: GeniusHour Project

The Shanghai Maglev is the fastest train in the WORLD!!!!!!!

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This is my Genius Hour Smore. Today we will be today we will be talking about the Shanghai Maglev. For those of you that don't know what the shanghai maglev is it is the fastest train in the WORLD!!
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My five essential questions are:

Math- How long will it take the Shanghai Maglev to go 300 miles?

Science- What makes the Shanghai Maglev the fastest train in the world?

S.S- Where is the Shanghai Maglev located?

My own- Who invented the first maglev train and when?

My own- How long did it take to design and build the Shanghai Maglev?

Answer to question number I

The Shanghai Maglev goes at and average speed of 230 kph. So lets do the math. First we have to convert 300 miles into kilometers. That will be 482.803 kph. So now we have to divide 230 kph by 482.803 kph. After we divide we find that the answer is 2.09914347826. So it will take about 2 hours to go 300 miles per hour.
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Answer to question II

So you may be wondering, "How in the world does a train with no engine and no wheels travel at record breaking speeds?" Well I will explain. The Shanghai Maglev is a maglev train (which is pretty obvious). Maglev stands for magnetic levitation. An electromagnet is placed on the track then their are electromagnets under the train. The Shanghai maglev train uses a simply law "That opposites poles attract and the same poles repel." The magnets on the track switch from north pole to south pole. The magnets on the train itself stay put or don't change. This allows the train to go faster or come to a stop. That is all I have to say. Onward!! To the next answer!
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Answer to question III

In my opinion this was the easiest question to answer. The Shanghai Maglev is located in Shanghai, China. I will add a little more to this answer because I this is too short. The Shanghai Maglev runs from Pudong International Airport to Longing Road. The length is 30 km or 19 mi. That is all ... for this answer.
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Answer to question IV

You my not know this but the inventor of the first maglev train was Alfred Zehden of Germany. Now I will give a brief summery of Alfred Zehden. Alfred Zeiden was born in Szczecin (stettin), Germany (now Poland) on November 15, 1876. He had 4 brother and 4 sisters. The names of his siblings where Hugo, Willy, Martin, Paul, Erna, Käthe, and Selma. He was marred to his wife Anna Zeiden. He had one child named Werner Alfred Zehden. Alfred Zeiden died in 1933 at the age of 57. He invented the first maglev train in 1902. That all you need to know about Alfred Zeiden.
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Answer to number V

The Shanghai maglev took two and a half years to build. Longer then I expected, I though it would take AT LEAST 5 years to complete. Construction began on March 1, 2001. It was open to the public on January 1, 2004. It took $1.33 billion to build. It makes sense because it's the fastest train in the world. The track is 30.5 km or 18.95 mi. That is how long it took to design and build the Shanghai Maglev.

Video By: Miguel Mendoza

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Why I choose this topic.

I originally wanted to do magnetic levitation but I realized that the idea was to general. So I thought about things that was related to magnetic levitation a hoverboard (I don't mean that cheap segway) no. Then I remembered somewhere that the fastest train in the world involved magnetic levitation. The one thought lead to another and this is why I chose the Shanghai Maglev for my Genius Hour. Also magnetic levitation has always fascinated me. P.S don't ask me where I herd about the Shanghai Maglev because IDK!
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