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Important DATES

  • Online Registration Procedures and Form For Math Telescoping Testing: The Online Registration Process will open February 21, 2019 for the Spring test date. It will close March 6, 2019.
  • Link to GCISD site for Math Telescoping

For students not currently in GT LEAD -- OR -- for those who are GT and want to be considered for the ASPIRE ACADEMY:

  • Testing Window for Grades K/5 is January 9th-25th.
  • Parent Informational Meeting for GT Grades 1-4: Jan. 24th, 6-7pm
  • Grades 1-4 Referral for testing window: Jan. 28th-Feb. 8th
  • Grades 1-4 Testing Window: February 19-March 8th

1st Grade - Contribution

First Graders have spent the last two weeks working on a project called, Not A Stick. They brainstormed ideas about what their popcycle stick could turn into with added details. We had slides, dragonflies, microphones, and more.Then these students wrote a creative story using three random words from a wordbank focusing on a person, place and thing. Their stories needed to be about their drawings using the three random words (forced connection). Lastly, they learned to use a digital app called Doceri in order to talk about the process of Not A Stick.

These are uploaded into their Google Drive, LEAD folder for you to view.

2nd Grade - Systems

Second Graders looked at the system of Rebus puzzles. They learned to solve some at first, and now they are in the process of creating those.

3rd Grade - Power

Third Graders learned about the POWER of nonverbal and verbal communication trying to solve the Leadership Puzzle.

4th Grade - Exploration

Fourth graders are exploring different types of bridges, their stability, and function. They got to choose the difficulty level of the bridges they built.

5th Grade - Change

Fifth Graders have been working on some logical reasoning with a holiday puzzle and creativity with a draw start. They have also been using student voice and giving input on our future Spark Talks this spring.

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