China's One Child Policy is Gone!

Women who were aborted are still angry!

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China has removed its one child policy and is encouraging couples to have a child

China is in need of new faces because they have a large amount of old people and they have a long life expectancy. China long ago made this rule when they were suffering from food shortage and they were not in need of a larger amount of mouths to feed. Now their population is primarily people over 60 years of age. With all these people retiring they are short of workers and in the long run will need lots of workers in not too long.


In China, currently the boys outnumber the girls by 34 Million. There is 116 boys to every 100 girls. It is estimated that it will take 10 years to close the gender gap or even bring it to a normal level. It is also predicted that about 20 million children will be born in China 2017. This dramatic gap has not only affected the women in a way where men would be hitting on her, it also made the population go down even more as well as putting pressure on the chinese women to have children.


This law started 40 years ago after the establishment of the Republic of China Mao Zedong tried to make people multiply a lot for work reasons. This helped for a while but after a few years the problems multiplied as well. China suffered from famine and they had a major food shortage because all of the children needing to be fed. They then made the law and said less children. now they have realized that grand kids will be taking care of parents and grandparents at a younger age. They have now removed that rule and are trying to get more children so the future holds an abundant amount of workers. The law has officially been removed.


Although the law has been removed is the trauma of being aborted and sterilized gone as well. Many women have spoke out that just removing the law is not enough as they remember being taken to a population control facility and being sterilized. Another brought up thing is if the people who have paid fines will be reimbursed. Many people feel as if they were screwed over by the government when they had to go through the time where they were only allowed to have one child some people aren't bothered by it as much.