Introducing: Sora!

The Dalton School: First Program Library

We are thrilled to announce that the Dalton School Library will now be using Sora!

OverDrive recently launched a student-friendly platform, called Sora. This guide will teach you how to get started with Sora and navigate this new interface.

Step 1- Open the Sora App

If you do not already have the app, begin by downloading it. Sora is available for free in the App Store, or through the Google Play Store.

Sora can also be used easily through a browser (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) on a computer or laptop.

Step 2- Click "I have a setup code"

Enter the code: daltonfp

(You can also manually search for the "Dalton School," then select the "The Dalton School- First Program" Library.)

You will only need to do this step once per device.

Once you have added the Dalton Library, the device will remember it.

Sign In

Students can use their Dalton username and password to sign in to Sora.

(If you do not remember your username or password, you can ask your librarians.)

Parents can request their own accounts by filling out this form.

First Program students will only have access to the First Program Library collection (The Dalton Library - First Program).

Parents who request their own accounts will have access to BOTH the First Program Library and the Middle School/High School collection (The Dalton Library).

Step 3- Browse, just like a regular library

Click the "Explore" button to view all available e-books and audiobooks

You can view different collections specially picked by your librarians, filter out the type of book you want (e-book or audiobook), or search for specific titles!
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Tips for browsing

If you see the headphone icon below the book cover, it means this is an audiobook.

If there is no headphone icon, the book you are looking at is an e-book.

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Step 4- Click on the book you would like to borrow

Hit the blue "Borrow" button to check out your book. Your book will open automatically.

Don't want to read it all right away? You can find your book anytime on your "Shelf."

If the book is already checked out, you can put it on hold. That way, Sora will let you know when it's back, and check it out to you automatically!

Books return automatically

You never have to worry about overdue books! They will automatically be returned at the end of the loan period, usually 2 weeks (just like in the library).

If you want to return books early, follow the steps below.

Other tips and tricks

Collect different badges!

Sora rewards you for your reading, and for using the many cool features it offers. See your reading stats and all the achievements you can earn by clicking "Me" in the toolbar. Try to collect as many different badges as you can!

Define new words and highlight favorite passages

If you come across a word you don't know while reading, simply hold your finger down over that word, and Sora will show you the definition.

You can also highlight passages you want to remember, and even add notes.

All your saved definitions, highlights, and notes can be found under the "Home" section of the toolbar.

Add tags to make your own categories!

Create any tags you want to make finding and organizing books on Sora even easier!

Some examples of tags are "favorite books," "summer 2018," or "second grade."

Using a Kindle, Nook or other e-reader?

In the "Shelf," under "Options," you may find the "send to device" button. This will take you away from the main Sora page and into the necessary website to export your e-book or audiobook (ex. for Kindle, this will link to Amazon).

For even more choices, add your local public library!

Click the three horizontal lines icon in the top right corner to open the side toolbar. This menu includes the option to "Add a public library."

Search for your library (ex. New York Public Library, Brooklyn Public Library, etc.), and you will be able to browse their collections as well! All you will need is your library card and pin number.

Sora limits the titles being seen to Juvenile and Young Adult, but this setting can easily be changed by clicking "Preferences" and changing the "Audience" setting. You can select your preferred audience, limiting to only Juvenile, or adding in General Adult titles as well.

...and you're ready to enjoy Sora!

For more information

on using Sora, please refer to the Sora help page.

Questions, comments or concerns?

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your First Program librarians, Christine Nassar and Jordy Samuels, with any questions or concerns.