Cyber Bulling

Have you ever been cyber bullied?


This is going to be about people getting cyber bulling on chat rooms like twitter, facebook, myspace , and more. These are tips so you get not be cyber bulling or threaten.


The website I would like to show about Cyber Bulling is

What do you do when you get Cyber Bullied?

Tips to be safe are to not put personal information like address or phone or they might rob you or threaten you. Number 2 is to not talk to people you don’t know like stranger. Other ones are don’t talk back and if you get cyber bulled tell an adult like mom, dad, teacher, or a friend if you are scared to tell. Then a adult who you talk to will tell the police or if you tell a friend a friend will tell a teacher.Later the person who cyber bulling you will be found by the police and teach him a lesson for Cyber Bulling and you will never be Cyber Bullied any more.

Tony Cerros