The First Monday of January

It Doesn't Have to Be Depressing

Back To Work We Go

The holidays have come and gone, and now we are all back to work. When you get to the point of "Calgon, Take Me Away," visit our Semi-Annual Sale to lift your spirits. Items are selling out, but we still have tons of statement makers for the Chloes out there and lots of minimalistic/simple pieces for the Isabels. There's nothing like the feeling of when the mailman comes to deliver your new jewels. It's an instant mood booster!
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Hosting a Party Has Never Been Easier

Get social online! Set a date, Invite your friends to a Facebook event and let me do the rest! Friends can shop online and you'll get the credit.

If you'd rather host a party in your home, we can do that too! Let me know what works best for you and let's pick a date!

P.S. New capsule launching next Tuesday, January 12.

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