The Librarian

not just for students

How can your librarian help with research projects?

*I co-plan research projects. I'd love to work on designing research projects with you!
*I find crazy-good research resources. I can put together a website with links to resources to help guide your students through a project.
*I teach. I can teach your students how to find a topic, search for resources, evaluate sources, format papers, and CITE SOURCES. (Citing sources is kind of a big deal...) I can also assess the skills I teach - IF you want to work them into your overall grade for your project.
*I teach techy alternatives to the poster or written product. Blogs, glogs, videos, vokis... whatever works with your time frame. I make your whole project paperless!

How can the librarian help get my students to read?

*Book recommendations based on an individual student's interest and reading level.
*Book talks and book lists based on a topic or genre.
*Hi - Low book selection.
*Introduce graphic novels and non-fiction.
*Select narrative nonfiction aligned to your curriculum.
*Introduce eBooks (yes - we DO have them!).
*Host book groups and literature circles.

How can the librarian help with technology?

*Introduce teachers to time-saving technology for paperless teaching, planning, and grading. I have lots of resources - schedule an appointment for a tutorial for yourself or for a team.
*Teach techy alternatives paper and pencil research with online tools such as Easybib, Diigo, and Noodletools.
*Teach students to publish online products using tools such as Animoto, GoAnimate, Glogster, Weebly, Wikispaces, Blogster, Voki, Comic Creator, and more.
*Select and gather credible web resources for your lesson or unit.
*Trouble shoot minor tech problems when time allows.
*iPad tutorials and recommended apps.