Kindergarten Gifted Referrals

Rockenbaugh Elementary Gifted and Talented Testing

What is Quest?

Quest is the name of the CISD Gifted and Talented program for the elementary school students. During the first semester, GT Specialists provided whole class lessons and small group activities designed to expose students to divergent, convergent, evaluative, and visual thinking. Kindergarten students were provided enrichment activities throughout the fall semester.

This Spring students that are referred for the program will be tested starting in January. Kindergarten students who qualify for GT services will begin receiving pull-out instructional time after March 1.

Identified kindergarten students receive Gifted and Talented services through a weekly pullout program during WIN time. GT Specialists guide students through a conceptual understanding that people use self-knowledge, interest, and strengths to relate to the world around them.

How do I refer my child for Quest?

The referral window opens Monday, January 4 and closes Friday, January 22 at 8:00am, sharp. Please fill out the following link to let us know more about your child. The information you share will help us evaluate your child.

This link will be active starting on Jan. 4th.

What test will my child take and when?

Elementary students in Kindergarten must meet the Phase I Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) criteria in order to move forward to the Phase II portion of the screening process. Phase II involves the Iowa Assessments Achievement test.

Phase One testing will be be in January. Testing will begin on Jan. 25 and will be ongoing until it is completed. The times and dates will be shared at a later date.

DVA students will to come to school for testing. All students will be spread out for the testing.

CogAT and ITBS

To learn more about the test your child will be taking please go to the following link:

When will I get the results of the testing?

After every campus has completed phase one testing the gifted screening committee will meet to consider all of the students. A letter will be mailed to you with the outcome of the meeting. Please use the address that you want the letter sent to in your referral information.


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