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Create the memorial you and your loved ones would want!

Make sure your family is aware of your wishes!

Planning your final wishes now can save your family stress, and ensure you get the specific arrangements you want. You even have the option of paying for your services ahead of time which gives your family one less worry in their time of mourning. Funeral costs rise every year, which means if you pay ahead of time you lock in your rate now.

Do you know what your end of life wishes are?

Do you want a burial or do you want to be cremated?

Memorial Service or Church Service?

Do you want any religious practices at your service?

Do you have a specific piece of music or a scripture read at your service?

Do you have a burial plot or someone you wish to be buried next to?

Does your family have specific wishes that you would like to include in your service?

Have you spoken to your family about your death and are they aware of your wishes?

How do I keep track of what I want to inform my family?

Talk to your family now so they are informed of your wishes! An easy way to do this is by writing everything down. At, they make it easy for you to keep track and write everything down that you want. Keep memories, ideas, and more handy to show your family.

How do I know what I want at my funeral?

Were you in the military? Police service? Do you have specific religious preferences you are unsure of? At they have a checklist of everything you need to know about specific funeral customs. The program is free and you can add and remove options as you decide on them.