Laura Sofia Fernandez


about me

  • I am 12 years old
  • I am from colombia
  • I have 2 zodiac signs, scorpio and sagittarius
  • My cat is in Colombia he is a maine coon
  • I want to study criminology (criminal science), but also I have interest on computers and in writing


get to know me better questions

If you can choose a kind of food for all your life what will you choose?

I will say pizza because is my favorite food, but then I will get pimples, gain alot of weigh and I have a big risk of diabetes because my grandmothers. so I will say a hummus and chicken wrap with lettuce, tomatoes and avocado, because is healthy, delicious and not so heavy

what book are you reading?

I just read paper towns by John Green and right now I am reading the lost symbol by Dan brown. Dan brown is one of my family's favorite writers, he write thrillers that are my favorite genre

favorite anime?

your childhood dream job?

I rembember when I was younger I want to be a rockstar- ballerina- scientific that study in Hardvard and the first human in mars

all the pictures are from google