Extracurricular Activities at WMS

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In choir, you can do all-region. You must have three rehearsals before Christmas break though so don't wait till the last minute! You can also skip school in choir. You can go back to your old school and perform in front of your younger siblings or friends.


The three main sports you play in athletics at: Football, Volleyball, and Basketball. In Football, you can hit someone as hard as you'd like. Volleyball, what the girls play, is really fun. Our 7th grade girls are district champions. Basketball tryouts are pretty easy but remember; make your shots! All-around Basketball is a fun, easy sport to play. You also need to know that if you are in athletics and play any of these sports: There is a safety hazard, you need to be at practice by 6:00 (if girl) and 6:30 (if boy), and finally, punishments are tough.

Student Aid

In student aid, you help out a teacher with anything he/she needs. One example of this is Mrs. Morris's student aid helper, Macie. She comes to the classroom everyday and helps Mrs. Morris with something.

Student Council

The purpose if student council is to develop leadership skills. You must be voted into student council by your grade level. The popular kids usually win though; it's so unfair! Some of my friends have been voted into student council as well. First, you need to make a script. Next, you make an election video. Finally, you hope to get elected on Election Day!

Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement classes aren't as hard as you would think. The hardest class is Pre AP Math. You get homework every day and you do 7th and 8th grade work. If you take Pre AP Reading, you have to take Pre AP Writing and vice versa. They're both fun classes though. Having Ms Prado's and Ms. Bott is definitely exciting though! Those are definitely the two funnest Pre AP Classes.