IPS Exam Experience

Lab Safety


Wear goggles untill Leeds say so

Reaction in a Bag

Mix two substances

They create a gas

Bag expands

Yellow liquids form

Baking Soda

Heat baking soda

Inverted bottle

Water leaves the bottle because baking soda creates gas

Mass of Dissolved Salt

Salt put into bottle

Salt dissolves but all is still there

Ice melt

Ice put into bottle

Ice melts in sun

Mass of Copper and Sulfur

When heated copper and sulfur mix to create a yellow gas

Mass of gas

Alka seltzer put into bottle

Mass of gas is found


3 cylinders

1 small aluminum cylinder

1 small brass cylinder

If same volume and shape, doesnt mean they have the same mass


2 cubes and slab

Weight doesnt have to do with density

Density of Liquids

liquids mixed with magnesium sulfate

Density of Gas

inverted bottle

Changes are negative, but positive mass

Many errors

density is 1.8