Steel Magnolias

February Newsletter from the Heart

Spring has Sprung!

Happy February Magnolias! We have SO much going on this month! We have our newest collection, From Rome with Love, launching in a few days, a National Summit was announced for May, and our newest addition to Candi is WATCHES!! I've touched on all these topics below so please take a moment to read all the way through for important info. As a team, we ended January with 54 active merchies (meaning 54 got at least one sale) and total team sales at $12276.92 putting our average at $235 per active. With February being a huge Jewelry buying month I'm looking to see my girls at $500 mininum in sales. The average person (male) spends $190 on his love for Valentine's Day. NOW is the time to do personal outreach making their shopping a no brainer! Send 3 choices of sets or pieces, offer local gift wrap and delivery and BOOM! You will hit that goal by mid month and the rest will be icing on the cupcake! Our Pop Up Shop goal for this month is 75! That is less than half of our team booking and running a PUS. In home Pop Ups are proven to generate more sales with an average of $750 in sales. You can always run an online as well with the in home for invitees unable to attend in person but who are interested in learning about our brand or jewelry lovers ready to shop! Always keep your hostess aware of sales so she knows how close she is to earning the next level of incentives. Hostess Coaching is something I cannot stress enough! Just like I coach you before a pop up, you need to coach your hostess to maximize your PUS success. Quality hostesses are the KEY to rocking a Pop Up! Feature her on your website with her must have pics, have her share selfies in our jewelry before the PUS begins to generate excitement which will boost attendance. Find out from the guests that are coming who would make your next perfect hostess. Make a point to have some face time with these ladies and leave that night with your next 2 on the books.

Don't forget not only can you shop the new collection with credits (this makes pieces full price so be aware) but you can also use your Merch Me discount at a 50% off Spree for 2 weeks! The more you are able to show your network the more they will buy. And shoot a video of yourself showcasing some of your fave purchases and the ways to style them! People will really connect with not only our jewelry but with YOU as well! After all, it's not ALL about the jewelry. Have a sweet month Magnolias! xo, Suzie

Our Team is GROWING!!

Steel Magnolias unite!

And when I say growing I mean by leaps and bounds! I'm so happy to see our Magnolia team get bigger and stronger! While I love one on one chats with my girls, I'd love to see us get back to Google Hangouts to address anything needed so a larger group of us can be helped. I will start posting days and times for you to pick from so we can work together in a group to brainstorm with each other, train, or anything else needed. I'll offer different times and days to offer flexibility to all.

Let's Connect!

Feel free to schedule a call, email, text or reach me on Facebook! And check out our team page on the Merch Perch.
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Ashley Fuller PROMOTES!!

I want to give sincere congrats to Steel Magnolia, Ashley Fuller, who is the latest on our team to promote to MM (Merchandise Manager)! Ashley has been a crucial member of our team and is always so creative and helpful in the Candi Community. She is an expert on personal branding, a blogger, wife, mom, and sweet friend. She is completing training then will have a team of her own but will always be a Magnolia! I'm super proud of her hard work, dedication and spunk! Interested in getting on track to promote? Get with me and I will do my best to work with you and put you on the path of leadership! xo!