The Harder You Work, the Luckier You Get!

Feeling Lucky?!

I LOVE the momentum we are all creating right now with booking trunk shows! I can feel it building and it reminds me again that this business is all about doing a few simple behaviors that add up to big success. It is still the month of St. Patty's Day and we all love the idea of "Luck of the Irish"....who doesn't want a little luck in life? But in the words of our brilliant CEO Jessica....your life is shaped by a series of choices and a bit of luck. But, luck can’t be your strategy for life. You can’t hope to live an extraordinary life based on luck alone. You need to plan for it. And to make that plan a good one, you need to recognize that it’s a winding path that will no doubt present you with a few dead ends, some surprising twists and turns, and plenty of obstacles. Some things that look a lot like bad luck. Those are the times that you are learning the most, developing perseverance and ultimately, become stronger.

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Let's make our OWN luck!

Who's up for a little competition. Here's how it works.....Everyone will break up into teams of 4. Each of these sub-teams will work together to book as many shows as they can BUT you have to do it in person books, tags someone else and they book, then they tag someone else....and on and on. See how many you can book as a group by MONDAY THE 28TH at MIDNIGHT and the winning team will each get this adorable tank top! The adorable Zandra Gay was rocking this t in Jamaica and I have to have one! The winning team will all receive a tank!

Comment on our facebook team thread "Im in" to participate in the challenge and we will create the teams from there! Get ready to come up with a fun team name! smile emoticon

(Disclaimer to win incentive every person on winning team must book AT LEAST 1 new show for March, April, or May and it must qualify)

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How about a themed trunk show?

For the Girl Scout cookie selling mama-
"Hey Jane! So I've burned through my box of Thin Mints and need another and I had a fabulous idea! What if we put together a grown up Girl Scout evening- I found this fun wine and cookie pairing we could set up with your remaining cookies, I'll bring over the jewels and people can swing by to shop! You can sell your remaining boxes, people can pick up some spring style and you'll get a complimentary shopping spree simply for sharing the style! How does next week work?"
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Reach out to your bargain hunting friends!

For your bargain hunting friend "Hi Kim! I know how much you LOVE a good deal so I had to reach out with thIs luck of the stylish deal! People are loving this spring weather and need a dose of color in their lives and this amazing green purse is half off for our trunk show guests this month! We should get some of your neighborhood ladies together for a cocktail and treat them to these styles for a steal! How about next Wednesday at 6?

To your Past Hostess or Show Guest!

"Hi Tiff! i was thinking of you because I just got in the most beautiful box of summer jewelry and I remembered how much fun we had at your trunk show last spring! The turquoise is the perfect pop of spring color people are looking for right now with this amazing weather! Shall we schedule another quick style hour for people to swing by for a glass of wine and style? Maybe next Saturday afternoon? I'll call you tomorrow to see what you think!"
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April Shows...

Hey Kelly! I so excited that we are launching the entire summer line in April! Check out these tunics and sunnies....they have your name written all over them! Let's get your girls over and you can get them all for free! What do you think? We could do a a girls night on the 7th or a Friday morning coffee on the 8th? What do you think?
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Here are Some Great Links to videos in Stellaverse for Booking!

Let's Get Your Game Faces ON!!!

Let's all use our team page (Champagne Charms page) to post pictures, post successes and effort, cheer each other on and maybe a little smack talking between groups! The first group of 4 has been formed! Don't forget to comment "I'm In" on the post on our page and as soon as we have 4 more you will be the next group! Don't delay...the sooner your group is formed the more time you have to work toward your goal and the adorable tank!! The key is to work as a team and take action. So let's MAKE OUR OWN LUCK!!!! You will get No's (it's a part of this business) but if you keep going and run the #'s you will fill your calendar! Here we go!!!!! XO, Katy