Multiplier Event in Kampos, Chios, Greece

Cultural Storytelling for audiences with special needs

The ERASMUS + Higher Education Project ADHOC [2019-1-MK01-KA203-060269] is an experiment towards solutions for audiences with special needs in the cultural domain. We truly believe that auditory, visual, mobility and other impairments should not impede individuals discover the heritage places and the stories these have to tell. Thus, at ADHOC we are committed to make a contribution to enhance access to cultural heritage for people with special needs by creating the enabling environment for digital and physical experiences at places of cultural significance.


Saturday, Oct. 15th, 6:30-9pm

6-8 Vitiadou

Κάμπος Χίου

At the Multiplier Event are cordially invited multilevel actors and stakeholders from the three spheres of governance, education and civil society. The Event is aligned with the EU Disability Strategy 2021-2030 and strives to raise awareness on the issues concerning the Chios Disability Association. The Event is mentored by the Department of Tourism Economics and Management, School of Management Sciences, University of the Aegean.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.


SATURDAY 15th of October 2022

18.30 - 19.00 hours Gathering and Refreshments
19.00 - 19.15 President's Greeting
19.15 - 19.30 hours Aldo Di Russo "The power of digital heritage"
19.13. - 20.00 Dorothea Papathanasiou Presentation of the ADHOC Project Results
20.00 hours Reception

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The powers of digital culture for audiences with special needs

Let us explore together the powers of digital cultural in a effort to provide audiences with special needs with powerful experiences in the unique island of Chios. Ten stories linked to the unique island of Chios taking is to the Middle Ages, where we witness the glory of Byzantium, the wars of Venice and Genova, the Renaissance, the Black Death and the discovery of America by Christopher Colombo.

We listen to the gossip in the Emperor's Palace and become eyewitness of the secret plans of La Superba; we visit the mastic growers in the fields; we meet captains who bring Chian mastic, wine and alum to Henry VIII of England and the King of France; we fight against the Black Death and learn about the Massacre of Chios.

All stories are accessible by individuals with auditory, visual and mobility impairments, while a special simplification section is facilitating to audiences with intellectual disabilities.