Poetry One Pager

by, Veronica McCree


Reading this poem made me think of a powerful picture, I wanted to draw this picture to describe what I was thinking in my mind when reading this poem.

The Picture

This Picture represented how even if the storms come, you must keep strong and believe in yourself. This picture also represented that even if something pulls you back, use the fall to make you become stronger in the end.

The Meaning of Words

Phrases that Stand out

Phrases that Stands Out

The first phrase that stands out is,( I, so delicate a thing, survived the raging night wind. I am only a flower). The second phrase is, ( The right to fully blossom is given each of us, it is just A natural thing).

Poetic Device

The poetic device that stand out was, imaginary, here's an example, " Even through three days of rain I have ripened. I, so delicate a thing, survived the raging night winds". The reason why I choose imaginary, is the author describes her struggles, in a way were, when you read the poem, you imagine what the says in the poem. This poetic device adds tone to the poem because, it makes the reader interested in reading the poem, and it shows meaning in the poem.

Key Words


The key words, quotations, and image all plays a big part in how the Author struggled.

In WE ARE ONE by Zellie Rainey Orr, the theme is how, if you keep your head up high and adversity through your struggles, you can walk mountains. The Author also includes how you must have courage and a determined mine, to accomplish what you have been dreaming about.