By: Ava Stratman & Meredith Wyatt

Ellis Island

Ellis Island is where most immigrants went through an inspection procces before going to New York City. The government controlled Ellis Island since 1808. All immigrants had to go through a health inspection and a security inspection. The health inspector asked questions like, Have you been in the hospital?, Have you ever had Chicken Pocks?. The security inspector asked questions like, Were are you coming from?, What is your first name and last name?, Why did you come to America?. Some immigrants were separated from their family because of the inspections. This whole process was at Ellis Island.

Tenement Housing

By: Meredith Wyatt

Tenements were horrible homes for immigrants. Most tenements were found in large cities. Large families lived in small rooms, so it was crowded. Some families didn't have enough money to live in the tenement houses. They shared the rooms and things got really crowed. By 1900 about 2.3 million people lived in tenements. They didn't have good indoor pluming, so it smelled bad. They didn't have heat, so it was cold in the winter. These are some of the many reasons tenements were not good homes.