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Country in South America

Brazil is the largest sovereign state in Latin America. A federal republic, Brazil is the world's fifth-largest country, by both geographical area and total population. It is the largest Portuguese-speaking country in the world, and the only one in the Americas. It stretches from the Amazon Basin in the north to vineyards and massive Iguaçu Falls in the south.

People and Society

Current Population: 208,422,672

Sex Ratio: 0.98 male(s)/female

Percentage of the total world population: 2.83%

Average Age of population: 31.7 years

Birth Rate: 14.72 births/1,000 population

Death Rate: 6.54 deaths/1,000 population

Life Expectancy: 73.28 years

Language Spoken: Portuguese

Religion: Roman Catholic

Population Density Cartogram Map

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Brazils's Overpopulated Issue

Brazil is facing overpopulation problems. The first reason for the overpopulation is the number of elderly Brazilians aged 70 or older is rising because there is better health care there. The second reason is the high amount of illegal immigrants already in and going into Brazil. The last reason is the rapid urbanization. The population growth rate in Brazil last year was 1.102%, but most of the overpopulation in Brazil is caused by urbanization. There has not been much growth of infrastructure, resources, and jobs to accommodate the rise of population in big cities. The overpopulation has led to a serious shortage of proper housing and an increase in crime. Due to the poor living conditions and the lack of money and resources, the favelas are full of crime. Muggings, robberies, kidnappings and gang violence are very common. The largest amount of crime in Brazil is from drug trade and alcoholism. Brazil continues to have high crime rates, despite recent improvements by the government. To try to control the effects of overpopulation the government has created two new police units. One of the police units is for population safety.

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Future of Brazil

Brazil's Future: Olympics, World Cup, and $30 Billion Dollars

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