The Chow Chow

by Blake Badami

The chow chow

The puffy lion dog, The TangQuan... Its the Chow chow! Chow chows are medium sized dogs found Northern China.

Chows have rough, smooth, long, or a straight fluffy coat.

Their coats come in colors of red, blue, black, cream, tan, or cinnamon. A chow is medium sized and normally weighs from forty five pounds to seventy pounds. A female Chow weighs forty pounds to fifty pounds but, both Chows are eighteen inches long in body. Most all Chows have a blue black purplish tongue, almond eyes, and a lion head.

Chow Chows are social animals.

Unbelievably when chows are born they are very weak. You have to cup a chow in your hand very lightly. Even after a few weeks after its born if you hold it to tightly or put to much pressure on it it will get injured. But when chows get older they become really strong and are really social but they get independent and aloof.

Some fun facts about the chow are...

Chow chows are very loyal to there owners and follow directions when trained. Blue chows have blue noses or gray noses. If you train your chow while its young it will be very intelligent and know your the boss. Chows have a feet fetish where they sit and kiss your feet.

Remember the chow.

Chows are very soft and cool animals. Even though they live in China and are quiet expensive. You should tell people about Chow chows and get one your self!
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