Landmark Cinema logo

By Caitlynn

First draft

It started out pretty light and complicated, but did not have enough black.
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Second draft

The logo got less complicated but still didn't have enough black in it.
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Third draft

The logo got darker with more black but did not have enough white.
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Finished draft (without colour)

Finished at last with 50% black and 50% white the logo can be coloured.
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Finished product

With only a few drafts and colour put in, the new Landmark Cinemas logo is now finished. The yellow colour was chosen to represent the Rays of light coming from a projecter and the blue was chosen to show that here are drinks/water and food at the movies
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Sketch book page

All of the types of logos I thought about. I choose to do the word film in a star because the star would stand for movie star and the FILM would stand for the movies.
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