Tradition for the future

by: Carissa

Future tradition

I think a tradition I would like to have for the future would be where my family all take a trip to a different state every summer. I think my kids would like to explore other places and I would too. Each summer we would choose a state to go to, pack our bags and go to that place. First though I would want to visit states with relatives in that state. I think my family should know their relatives even if they live far away.
We would choose a state. Once we have all chosen a state we pack our bags and go there. We would the first day just relax then the next day go see museums and attractions and just anything they seem to want to do. Then the next day the same thing. Then the next day we would relax again. Then the next day we would go visit that relative if they could or when they are available. Then we would stay there for about a week and a half then pack our bags and go back home. I think we would probably drive there and back. I know it takes longer but it is less money and that way we save money to do other things in that state. I think everyone will like doing this together. I don't know if we would drive in a car or in a camper but either way works.
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