teri's jōyful essentials

Where do you get the most potent, pure and cost effective essential oils?

There are so many companies entering the essential oil world and it can be overwhelming and confusing. I have personally used doTERRA essential oils for 3+ years and I trust them completely. They are a company that is full of integrity and I am proud to be associated with them.
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Wholesale Prices - Like Costco, only better!

Because I love the oils and want to be able to purchase them at the best price, I get ALL my oils at a wholesale discount. doTERRA does offer a retail option, however most essential oil users choose to have a wholesale membership. There is no minimum order requirement and no obligation to sell. All you have to do is pay your $35 annual membership fee and receive 25% discount on all oils and doTERRA products all year long. It's that easy!!
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