Night by Elie Wiesel

Kaylee Koranda

The Holocaust

During the Holocaust the Jews in Europe were taken by the Nazis of Germany to concentration camps. There in the camps they were tortured. They were forced to work for many hours in a day and they were given very little food or water. About 6 million Jews were killed. Aside from the concentration camps there were also death camps. Some of the most notorious death [or extermination] camps were Auschwitz, Chelmno, and Treblinka.

The Effects on the People

In the camps, the lifestyle was difficult for the Jews to adjust to because it was so different, but they eventually were somewhat used to it. As they lived in the camps the prisoners started to lose faith in their God and they were much more self dependent. Families started to fall apart and most were torn apart. Because of how they were treated by the Germans and the Nazis they were not able to trust many other people so they did not.


What it reveals

The novel helps me to see that people should have feelings. They should have respect for others no matter what. Other people have differences and they always will-nobody can change how they are and what they are like.