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Holy Trinity Catholic School May 12th, 2022


“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11, NIV

Lord Jesus, we look to you on the throne beside your Father in heaven and ask that you be Lord of peace in our hearts. Help us to overcome ourselves again and again and to remain at peace. Then your will may be done in your disciples, a power of peace may be around us that goes out into the whole world, and your name may be glorified on earth. For you are Lord of peace, and we await you. In difficult times faith and hope will take hold in our hearts all the more firmly, to your glory, Lord Jesus. For you will suddenly come according to your promise as the One who does God’s will on earth among all people.


A Note from Mrs. Longden

Bible in a Year

If you've been putting off starting the Bible in a Year Challenge, Now is a perfect opportunity to get started. Find the Bible in a Year podcast with Fr. Mike Schmitz on any podcast app or on Youtube. By committing 20-25 minutes per day, you'll hear the entire Bible over the course of the next year with the extraordinary insights of Fr. Mike Schmitz. As families working to pass on the Christian faith to our kids, knowing the Bible is a vital foundation.

Elevating Our Children's Hearts and Minds

We hear the word "culture" used in a variety of ways. At Holy Trinity, we define culture as the best of what any society has to offer - that which is true, good, and beautiful. One of our goals is to create a strong culture for our students that includes excellent literature, beautiful music, and inspiring art. We want that culture to extend to the words students use toward another and how they act. I hope that you will join us in this commitment to culture. Consider the music we listen to, the TV shows and movies we watch, or the books we read. Are they elevating us and our students with truth, goodness, and beauty? For our older students, do they need to be on social media? Unfortunately much of what happens on social media in this age group is negative talk about classmates and friends. My suggestion is that students this age don't need to be on social media (and if they tell you all their classmates are, it isn't true). If you decide to allow your students to use social media, keep in mind that it is not private, so it needs parents monitoring. Here is an article with some advice for Christian parents about social media. As the article points out so well, social media is another area where we can figure out how to put Christ first in our families and another opportunity to elevate our children with truth, goodness, and beauty.

COVID Updates

We have been seeing an uptick in COVID cases in the community and have had reports of parents testing positive for COVID. Please watch symptoms of your children and take precautionary measures to lessen the burden within the school. As we only have a few weeks remaining we would like to keep everyone safe and healthy.


Mrs. Longden

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Class Projects:

Class projects this year will be a basket provided by each class.

By now, most parents should have received a communication from their Class Representatives about the Class Baskets being organized for Social Fest. We hope these themed baskets are a BIG HIT in our Auction. We will have 11 themed class baskets in all and we are asking that all parents participate in some way to support your class basket. Parents can solicit donations for the basket, purchase gift cards or vouchers for the basket, or donate money that will go toward the purchase of items needed in the basket

If you haven't heard anything, we may still be looking for someone from your child's class to take on the role of class representative. We are looking for one parent from each class to help with the organizing and execution of this auction item. You would be in charge of coming up with the idea and asking other class parents for items or support for the basket. Thank you to those who have volunteered already!

Each class basket will have a unique theme. The plan is for the entire class to help solicit the items needed for the basket. Please see how you can help.

These baskets can range from a night on the town for Mom and Dad, to a family trip to Virginia Beach, and a Family Game Night basket for everyone to enjoy, plus much, much more!

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Family Bingo and Pizza Night

Date: Friday, May 13th , 2022

Time: 5 P.M. - 7 P.M.

Place: Holy Trinity School Gym

Come join the fun for Pizza, Bingo, and Prizes.

Dress Code Reminders

As the weather is warming up, please be mindful of our dress code:


Students are expected to:

● Dress in a manner that is modest and acceptable under HTS dress code.

● Wear clothing that is neat, clean, not torn or cut, unstained, and supports the values and mission of Holy Trinity School and our Christian values.

● Follow the dress code at all events that are related to school functions, such as athletic banquet, concerts, and graduation.

The following are guidelines to clarify what is and is not acceptable under the HTS dress code:


● have sleeves (No cold-shoulder shirts allowed)

● show no cleavage or bra straps

● cover the midriff area whether the student is standing upright or bent over

● have acceptable wording and pictures

● not be tied or rubber banded


● be free of holes or holes must be patched

● sit at, or just below, natural waist line

● fit appropriately: oversized and tight fitting are not permitted

● free of wording on backside


· skirts sit at or just below natural waist line

· fit appropriately: oversized and tight fitting are not permitted

· be mid-thigh (front and back) when worn with leggings or pants.

· be no more than three inches from the top of the kneecap (front and back) when worn without leggings or pants

· when wearing sundresses or spaghetti straps have a short sleeve shirt underneath or a sweater over (that is worn all day)

· be worn with nylons, tights, or leggings October 15th-April 30th (and be of acceptable length as noted above)

· No cold-shoulder dresses allowed


● follow the acceptable wearing period of May 1st through October 14th.

● be no more than three inches from the top of the kneecap


· not be open-toed, unless gym shoes are provided for recess

· sandals should have a strap around the back of the ankle

· have heels no higher than 1 ½”

Staff Updates

We are excited to let you know we will be offering an Accelerated 7th Grade Math class next year! Mrs. Mertz, our current Algebra teacher, has offered to teach an accelerated 7th grade Math class as well which will help those students who will be taking Algebra in 8th Grade.

Mrs. Walter, our 4K teacher, and Ms. Herriges, our 4th grade teacher will not be returning next year.

Mrs. Anderson will be transitioning from 6th grade to 4th grade. She taught 4th grade before coming to Holy Trinity and is knowledgeable in the curriculum.

Mrs. Buechel, our 2nd grade teacher, will be transitioning out of the classroom and into a different role in the school. She will be doing some work in the office and also doing some intervention work.

We are working on the possibility of adding English 9 as an option for some of our 8th grade students.

Middle School Boys

Calling all current middle school boys! Bring yourself and a friend Monday, June 13 – Wednesday, June 15 to St Lawrence Seminary High School in Mt Calvary, WI for three days of field olympics, games, team building, and prayer. You’re sure to have a blast living in our dorms, eating lots of food, and making new friends! Cost is $50 and includes housing and food. Transportation is available from select cities throughout the state. Register at www.stlawrence.edu/retreats

New Athletic Director

Thank you to Ryan Herman for all the work he put in to being Athletic Director this school year. We are thankful for all the extra time and effort that went into this position!

We are grateful to have Nick Kern take over the position. See below for an introduction and more information on athletics.

Hello parents of student athletes. My name is Nick Kern and I will be volunteering as the new Athletic Director for Holy Trinity School. Thank you; to all current, past and new to come volunteers in the athletic department. We are in need of more student athletes across the board. ("A" team 7th - 8th and "B" team 5th - 6th graders). We offer girls volleyball and basketball and boys basketball. If your child/children has shown some interest in sports, please encourage them join the team. We have a great opportunity here and now is the time to get them involved! Sportsmanship, teamwork and Christian-Like conduct are stressed at all levels.

Even though our school year is ending very soon, the volleyball season is only a few months away. I want to do my best to assist the coaches in having a head count. Soon there will be a sign-up sheet for girls volleyball for the upcoming season. Sign-up for basketball is in the fall. In the meantime, if you have any questions or are interested in volunteering for our sport teams let me know.

Nick Kern



May Crowning and Outdoor Rosary Pictures

See the pictures from May Crowning on May 6th and our Outdoor Rosary on May 4th.

March Madness Funds

Student Council voted to donate the money raised from March Madness to a Go Fund Me for Bella Forcier. She's a 4th grader that was recently diagnosed with leukemia, and she is also the cousin of a student at Holy Trinity. She was a religious education student at HT.

Here is the link to the Go Fund Me page:


Advisory Committee

If you would like the advisory committee to discuss anything, please email at advisorycommittee@htschool.net

Virtual Tour

Check out our School Virtual Tour.

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Calendar of Cash

May 5th - Brian Brandt

May 6th - Joy & Gerry Zeidler

May 9th - James B Volesky

May 10th - Mark Herriges

May 11th - Audrey Struebing



May 19th - Spring Concert and Art Show 5:30 P.M.

May 20th - 4K-2nd Grade Field Trip to Zoo

May 24th - Field Day

May 30th - Memorial Day (No School)

June 1st - 5K Graduation at 4:00 P.M.

June 1st - 8th Grade Graduation at 5:00 P.M.

June 1st - Last Day for 3K/4K/5K/ 8th Grade

June 2nd - Volunteer Day

June 2nd - Last Day of School (1st-7th Grade) - Dismissal at 10:30