Unified China

By: Austin and Gunner

Qin Shi Huangdi

Qin Shi Huangdi was responsible for the unification of China, he started the unification in 220 B.C.E and after 11 years after the unification he died. He was born in 260 B.C.E and as I said earlier he died in 210 B.C.E.
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The Geography of Unified China

The geography in China varies from region to region, in the North, near Mongolia it is mainly Deserts. In East, where Beijing and Shanghai are located, it is coastlines and oceanic environments. In the West, where the Indian Subcontinent is located, it is a mountainous and high altitude region. So the geography in China really does vary from place to place

Few of The Kings of The Qin Dynasty


The Society of Unified China was running very smoothly, and has been all the way until a few years ago, when they became part of the Communist government style. The society was very well organized, it was what I would call the "Best Age" of China's history. And they also had a less harsh Caste system, but they still had social ranks.