Creating Poetry Anthology

By: Baylee Haenke


Baylee Haenke started writing poetry in high school. She lives in Haslet Texas and is a freshman at Eaton High School. She plays volleyball in school and outside of school. She has four dogs and she likes to be around her family and friends.

"Where I'm From" Poem

I am from the phones and cars and Kit Kats.

I am from the fun neighborhood (big backyard, little dogs barking, and loud neighbors).

I am from the Pecan tree, Blue Bonnet, and dirt, the Oak tree, Sunflower, and water.

I am from going to my grandpas every Thanksgiving and hardworking, from Birchfield and Watkins and Haenke.

I am from the hard headed side and the quiet side.

From "look both ways when you cross the street" and "I love you."

I am from Christianity. I believe that Jesus is our lord and savior.

I am from Texas and my Mimi is from Bulgaria, tex mex and home cooking are our favorite foods.

From the "pull this car over and ware her out!", my mom combining in the field with papa, and my nana graduationg high school with 24 other students.

I am from pictures located in the office that hold so many memories.

Narrative Poem

A dog named Pixee

Didn't always have a name.

She was alone, hungry, and living on the streets.

Then one day out of the blue, a nice man saved her, who knew?

That her fortune would change that day.

The day she got a family.

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Structure Poem- "Rocky Mountain State"

Colorado is known as the "Rocky Mountain State." It is like home away from home for me. I have been going there ever since I was a baby. We had a house there and we would go at least twice a year. At six years old I started skiing, and I have been doing it ever since. Colorado is very beautiful and I love going there.


is one of my

most favorite places.

I love the snow and mountains.

I love going skiing and feeling like you're on

top of the world. It is very peaceful and very beautiful there.

It feels like you're in a different world, being in the mountains.

Overall, Colorado is like a second home and I love being able to go there.

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Ode to my Dog

Pixee is a little, funny, fluffy dog.

She is white with a fluffy coat

and her fur is as white as snow.

She loves to play and

she loves to go on car rides.

Pixee was once a stray. She was

on the side of the road

when my dad found her. He brought

her home and we knew

that she was meant to be

with us. Pixee knows how to make you

laugh. She can be crazy too. She loves

tennis balls. She chews all of the

fuzz off them. She also loves swimming

and going to the lake. One time she

sat on the tube and went tubing

with us. When we don't take her

in the car with us she gets upset.

Overall, the point of my ode is that

I love our little rambunctious white dog.

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You are the laziest pet we own,

Yet you are the sweetest of the all.

You love to chew on your bone,

While laying in the middle of the hall.

Even when you like to play,

You only play for a little bit.

And then you're ready to call it a day.

It is better than you throwing a fit.

You are a very good dog,

You never disobey.

You are not mean like a hog,

Even when you do want to play.

Overall you are my best friend,

You will be there to the end.


My favorite poems in this project were the "Where I'm From" poem and the sonnet. In the "Where I'm From" poem I liked being able to talk about when I was younger and where I grew up. In the sonnet I liked being able to talk about my dogs and their personalities. I wanted the readers to know about me and the things in my life. My surroundings are what inspire me as a poet.