Ignacio De Allende

The Orderly Rebel

Who is Ignacio De Allende

Ignacio De Allende was part of the rebellion of New Spain. He first served as a captain for Spain, but then grew sympathy for the people. He eventually fought at the side of Miguel Hidalgo and became a Lieutenant General for the rebels. He was caught by the Spanish two years later and executed for treason.

What did Ignacio do?

The Battle of Calderon was a decisive battle in the Mexican war of independence. there were almost 100,000 Mexican revolutionist that were commanded mostly by Miguel Hidalgo and Ignacio Allende. The monarchy of Spain however had about 6,000 well trained troops. Throughout the battle Mexico had lost about 13,000 people and Spain had lost about 1,200 people. As a result, Mexico has Gained it's victory by the commands of Ignacio Allende.

Why Join The Independence?

With such a prestigious background, you may wonder why he ever chose to become a rebel. In 1808, Napoleon forced King Ferdinand VII of Spain to abdicate. Napoleons brother Joseph was appointed into the Spanish throne. This movement caused the Spanish Peninsula War. The war caused many Creoles like Allende to make New Spain(Mexico) to be independent until Ferdinand came back into power.

Eventually the idea for temporary Independence evolved into a permanent one, no matter who sat in the throne. He ran through barracks chalking, "Independence you cowardly creoles!"

When did this happen?

Allende was part of the spanish until 1808 then served for the rebels til he was captured and killed in 1811.

Where did it happen?

The battle of Calderon was fought on Jalisco Mexico.

How did he win?

He wanted to have a civilized war but Hidalgo was ignoring what Allende said and the rebels just butchered the Spanish in an uncivilized manner. The Spanish were lead by Calleja. Allende became a military leader after Hidalgo was killed and sought ally in America but was denied and captured by the Spanish and killed.