Monthly Communication

for Continuous Improvement and State & Federal Programs

March 2020

Welcome to the monthly Continuous Improvement and State & Federal Programs communication. The purpose is to contextualize School Improvement into our daily work, to efficiently complete all State and Federal Program tasks, and to promote moving these tasks past simple compliance.

A - F School Report Cards

A - F School Report Cards are now open for preview in MISCHOOLDATA. You must be logged in to preview your school's grade. The report card scores will go live in a few weeks. I recommend getting into MISCHOOLDATA now so you have an understanding of what will be communicated. This does not take the place of the school index as the source of Michigan School Accountability under the ESSA Plan.

Here are some resources:

March School Improvement Tasks

March and April are the months to analyze all of the data that we have collected for our Comprehensive Needs Assessment (now called Assessing Needs in MICIP) in preparation for writing our school improvement plans.

SITimeline March School Improvement Activities

SITimeline Assessing Needs Resources

Reminder: School Improvement Tasks for 2020/2021

MICIP won't be ready until next year (see next item). In the meantime, here are the 2020/2021 School Improvement Tasks:

  • School and District Improvement Plans in Assist. Schools can use the Abbreviated Plans Template and upload to Assist or use the Goal/Plans tool in Assist
    • DIP - Due 6/30/20

    • SIP - Due 9/1/20 (recommend 6/1/20 to use in building the DIP)

  • Program Evaluation. It is not required to fill out the PET in Assist this year, but it is still a requirement to complete program evaluations of federally funded activities. There is a recommended abbreviated tool for evaluating programs or activities on the SITimeline Evaluation Page.

Regional Title I Meeting - 3/25/20 @ Muskegon Area ISD

The next Regional Title I Meeting is being held at the MAISD on March 25 from 9:00 - 11:00. Intended audience is state and federal program supervisors, business officials, and principals of Title I buildings. Please be sure to register if you are planning to attend. The meetings are free.

Regional Updates