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June 15, 2015, Volume 7

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The 4 Main Departments in Investment Casting

An Investment Casting Facility can be broken into 4 major departments:

  • Wax
  • Shell
  • Foundry
  • Finishing

What goes into an investment casting shell?

The shell building process is when the "investment" of the Investment Casting takes place. We invest the wax pattern in a ceramic shell which forms the mold for the metal to be poured into. This ceramic shell is applied in layers or coats in order to achieve the level of detail and strength required to make the desired part. Typically there are 3 different types of layers that are mentioned when building the shell. The 3 layers are called the Prime Coat, Intermediate Coat and the Backup Coat. A different number of each coat may be applied dependent upon factors such as surface finish requirements and casting size.

Each coat is made up of two components. The first being the slurry and the second being the stucco. It is very important that the materials that are used in the slurry as well as the stucco are of premium quality as the ceramic shell and its thermal properties are key in producing a quality and consistent casting. TPM has worked very closely with Nalco to develop a shell system which is robust, easily maintained and consistent, enabling TPM to deliver high quality castings faster and at a lower overall cost.

What is a Slurry?

Whats Stucco?

The TPM Difference!

At TPM we not only deliver high quality investment castings but we also focus on the customer experience. We have a team of Engineers and Sales People to work with you from the initial design to the delivery of your parts. We understand that Communication, Timely Delivery and Dependability are paramount when building a lasting Business Relationship. Please contact Antonio Garcia if you would like to inquire about how TPM can work with YOUR business to achieve YOUR goals.

Next Issue

  • Dewax- Removing the wax from the ceramic shell.
  • Prep for the foundry.

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