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CPE II Notes November 13, 2017

Thursday, November 16th - Early Dismissal for ELEMENTARY SCHOOL ONLY


Middle School conferences will be held November 29th and 30th. Middle School early dismissal will be on Thursday, November 30th.


Important Dates - An * means more information is in this newsletter

  • Monday, November 13 recess gardening - Parent Volunteers needed*
  • Wednesday, November 15th, Elementary Evening Parent-Teacher Conferences*
  • Thursday, November 16th, Elementary Afternoon Parent-Teacher Conferences*
  • Thursday, November 16th Early dismissal for Elementary school students. *
  • Friday, November 17 recess gardening - Parent Volunteers needed*
  • Thursday, November 23 & Friday November 24 Thanksgiving Recess (schools closed)
  • Wednesday, November 29th Middle School Evening Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Thursday, November 30th Afternoon Middle School Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Thursday, November 30th Early dismissal for middle school students only.
  • Sunday, December 3rd Barnes and Noble Family Event and Fundraiser*

Family Conferences for ELEMENTARY SCHOOL ONLY

By now you should have received a sign up for Family Conferences. Please note ALL CONFERENCES ARE SCHEDULED. Some classrooms have slightly different schedules. Please go by your classroom teacher(s) sign up sheet. ALL CONFERENCES INCLUDE STUDENTS. NO STUDENT - NO CONFERENCE. It is really important that we include students in sharing their work and discussing how they are doing.

Needed: Licensed Plumbers, Electricians and Carpenters

CPE II Needs Licensed Plumbers, Electricians and Carpenters that can volunteer for a special school project. Please contact Naomi at Nsmith3@schools.nyc.gov if you can do this (or know someone.)

Is your child's jacket (scarf, gloves, hat) labeled?

That goes for It is SO SIMPLE. Just write your child's name in their belongings and we can return it. This is true for ALL STUDENTS PRE K through 8th grade.

How many things have you lost this year? Use a Sharpie or other permanent marker. PLEASE.

CPE II Fall Raffle to Raise Monday for Camping Trips Have Been Sent Home

By now all families have received RAFFLES.

  • in grades 4, 5 and 6 have the opportunity to fund part or all of their camping trip by selling raffles.
  • Make sure you have plenty of raffles to sell at work and at holiday gatherings.

If you need more raffles (or never received)

The drawing will be held at our Barnes and Noble Bookfair on Sunday, Dec. 3rd, 2017. But winners do not need to be present.

CPE II Camping Trip Raffle Prizes include:

  • $100 Gift Certificate from Franz James Floral Boutique
  • $200 Fairways Gift Cart;
  • $200 Whole Foods Gift Card;
  • Face Painting for a child's party, valued at $300;
  • 10 AMC movie tickets, valued at $107;
  • $50 Gift Cert for 107 West restaurant and bar lounge;
  • Bracelet by Lisa Currie;
  • A Mindfulness session with Dr Michal Be Zvi Sommer

& much more… Proceeds from raffle to fund camping trip. Tickets are $2 each/ $10 for 6 tickets. Enter to Win!

Congratulations to CPE II Teachers Valerie, Jessica and Dre for Completing Last Week's Marathon

Big image
And congratulations to the many other members of our community who ran as well. CPE II Parents:

Keymani Fuller's dad Willis Kwakye

Aneut and Aket's dad Spencer Brinker

Paul and Catherine's mom Aless Chef

Geni's dad Eric Van Felix

Cravedi family close friend Lisa 39175

and the Westbrook/Gan family friend Paul White came up from the Keys running in memory of his brother-in-law, Riley and in support of Suicide Awareness.

Parent volunteers needed for recess gardening - No Experience Needed

We need to put our garden to sleep for the winter and parent volunteers are needed to do this at recess gardening for this Monday and Friday 10am-12pm? We need at least one volunteer to step up for each day. No gardening experience required at all. We will be turning over beds, sowing cover crops, and feeding compost bin. RSVP to Anat (grosfeld.anat@gmail.com) or Meridith (merilampert@hotmail.com)

Shopping from Amazon so that CPE II gets 5+ %

CPE II is part of a referral marketing program that is different from Amazon SMILE.

Our program requires the user to click through our link and purchase something they place in a cart within 24 hours. For that we get anywhere from 1-10%. Looking at our payment history we get average approximately 5+ %.(SMILE gets you 1/2 a percent of .005%)

Since 2008 it has generated over $10k. Revenue has declined a bit and so the last 2 years we have generated about $25k

To benefit CPE II when shopping from Amazon you MUST start at the special link. You can find it at CPE2.org. In the upper right hand corner, it says:

Click Here to shop at Amazon.com. 6% of your purchase is donated to the CPE 2 Parents Association!

or start at https://www.amazon.com/?%5Fencoding=UTF8&tag=cpiipaas-20 or the link below.

Science at the Elementary School - A letter to families and some photos of the scientists in Billy & Jessica's class

Dear CPE II Families,

We have most certainly gotten off to an energetic start to the year. We have focused on and developed our understandings around a wide range of ideas based on the overall topic of energy. In all classes, we have conducted experiments and built projects that have shown us how all the energy we have is already here on Earth and just gets transferred from one type to another to fit our needs.

In the Pre-K, we have been investigating the idea that we need energy not just for our home and school, but for our bodies as well. After learning that our energy comes from the foods that we eat, we used a variety of science tools to learn about how we can transfer our energy into the things around us.

In the kindergarten and first grade classes, we have been working out what it means to be a scientist. Through a number of investigations based on energy, we have been thinking about the essential questions of:

1. Who can be a scientist?

2. How do scientists interact with the world around them?

3. What kinds of things does a scientist do to learn about what they are studying?

In the second and third grade classes, our investigation into energy is focused more closely around the process for generating the electricity that we use here at school, in our homes, and around our city. Putting on our scientist hats, we have been researching renewable sources of energy. Our big goal has been to raise awareness about the negative impacts of burning fossil fuels has on the environment.

In the fourth and fifth grade classes, we have taken our exploration of energy and electricity to the molecular level. After discovering that electricity is the flow of electrons, we began our study of how we can get those electrons to flow to the places that we need them go by building circuits for them to follow.

As we continue to move forward this year, we will continue to look at how we as citizens of New York City and the world can begin to conserve, generate, and use the energy sources on Earth more responsibly. We will be pulling into our studies deeper inquiries into our water, our food, and the materials we use to meet all of our needs. Woven throughout all of these units and investigations are the goals of learning to use materials correctly and for students to push themselves to be more mindful during lessons, so as to not take away opportunities for themself or others to learn.


Gift Wrapping Volunteers For Book Culture Needed to Earn Money For CPE II

Book Culture has a volunteer gift-wrapping program for the holiday season. (We already participate in their school give back program, 15% of all purchases you make get donated to CPE II.)

When a member of the CPE II Community volunteers to do a shift, all tips generated will be donated to CPE II. If tip revenue for every shift doesn't reach $50 they will guarantee us that much for your participation. They need volunteers to work the 450 Columbus (between 81/82) location. Shifts are from Nov 24 through Christmas Eve (December 24th). We already have a few parents signed up.

Volunteer for a shift here


Shifts are a bit long, so parents can find another parent to tag team with if they can't manage the whole shift. This allows us to publicize our school, our new middle school, our garden and our mission, etc..

More information to follow.

Last Call for Performers for Barnes and Noble event

On Sunday, December 3rd we have our annual Barnes and Noble Book Fair. We already have some author readings and and entertainment, including our very favorite clown, Looney Louie. We have room for a limited number of additional small group and individual performers. Please contact Naomi at Nsmith3@schools.nyc.gov if you or your child are interested.
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Elementary School Open House for Prospective Families

CPE 2 Elementary School Tour Dates 2018-19 School Year

Sign up for an elementary school tour for any of these dates:

  • Wednesday November 15, 8:45am
  • Wednesday December 6, 8:45 am
  • Tuesday January 9, 8:45am

Parents can RSVP for a tour on the cpe2.org web site at http://www.cpe2.org/tours/

Smile New York Dentists will be coming to CPE II (Pre K through 8th Grade)

The Smile New York Dentists will be coming to our school on December 1, 4th and 5th to do 6 month checkups on students previously seen and any new students who would like to be seen by the dentist. Permission forms will go home this week. If you would like your child to be seen by the dentist, please complete the forms and return to school as soon as possible.
Central Park Fall Foliage Map

Be sure to view the wonderful fall foliage right in our back yard.


*Yhane is the point person for help with transportation (Yhane@cpe2.org)

*Yhane is the point person for help at the elementary school including changes in dismissal (Yhane@cpe2.org)

*Jai is the point person for help at the middle school including changes in dismissal (Jaison@cpe2.org)

Elementary School Phone: 212 860 5992 and press "0" at the prompt

Middle School Phone: 212 348 2023 and press "0" at the prompt

Please note that there is nobody in the Middle School office during lunch/recess, which is 11:40 to 12:30.