Classroom Update

Mrs. Woods Fifth Grade

This Week in Review

MAP testing continued this week and we spent our time completing the math portion and beginning the science section. We have one more day of testing next week, Monday, and then we will be finished! The kids are more than ready to move on from it and frankly, so am I!

When we haven't been testing, we've dedicated much of our time to finishing our research and drafting our informational brochures. The kids are really doing a nice job with these and are putting alot of thought into them. It has been fun to see the excitement they get when they learn something new from their research.

We began a new read aloud book that goes along with our discussions about slavery, Civil Rights, and the Underground Railroad. This seems to have been a theme in our classroom this year and the kids have enjoyed the texts we've read and discussions we've had. They've asked some great questions! The book we are reading is Elijah of Buxton, by Christopher Paul Curtis. We've read two other books by him and we are enjoying this one so far.

High Flyers

Our High Flyer last week was Clarissa Rodriguez. She was new to our room a couple months ago and has been a great addition to our family. She is a polite, generous, smart young lady who does her personal best each and EVERY day! Thanks, Clarissa, for always doing such a great job!

Our High Flyer this week was Billy Arnold. He continues to work hard and follow all directions no matter where he goes in the building. He can always be counted on for a good laugh and a genuine friendly smile. I especially enjoy the many great, thoughtful questions he asks about everything we study and do. He is so curious and smart! Thank you, Billy, for being such a wonderful student!

Mark Your Calendars

May 4 - NKC Centennial Celebration, parade and 5K Walk/Run - North Kansas City High School (line up for parade at 8:30)

May 7 - 5th grade visits Northgate Middle School

May 10 - Spring Carnival - 5:30-8:00 West Englewood

May 24 - West Englewood Field Day

May 27 - Memorial Day, NO SCHOOL

May 28 - Last day of strings

May 29 - 5th grade Celebration 10:30-2:00

May 30 - Strings perform, 4th quarter awards, 5th grade promotion, 2:45 pm

May 31 - Last day of school, early dismissal at 12:30

Our New Chair!

We've had the pleasure of having a gentleman, Mr. Jason Overbaugh, from Mid-America Nazarene working in our classroom one afternoon a week for a couple months now. He has been fun to have around and the kids have gotten to know him while benefiting from his help and encouragement. His last day with us was Thursday, May 2 and he brought us a "good-bye" gift... a new rocking chair for our reading and writing rotations and whole group focus lessons. It is a very nice chair! Thanks, Mr. O! We will miss you!

About Us

We are a very close knit group of energetic and enthusiastic fifth graders. We love to learn, laugh, talk, dance, and sing! Soon we'll be moving on to middle school, but we'll always be part of this family!