Astro October Update #2

Dream big. Reach for the stars. Together we achieve success!

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Principal's Message

Dear Families,

We are looking forward to seeing you at our virtual Back to School Curriculum Night. The evening will start with an all-school presentation by me. You can then attend the classroom presentations. All of the presentations will be recorded so if you have more than one student you don't need to try to go to all of the presentations. The recording will be posted in your child's Google Classroom. If you are unable to attend for any of the portions you can watch the recordings later as well. The teachers will have time to answer general questions. If you have questions that are specific to your student, please send those directly to your child's teacher via email.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to help.

In partnership,

Jennifer Robbins

Back to School Curriculum Night - 10/14/20


5:30 - 5:45 Principal Message

5:45-6:45 Classroom Presentations

6:45-7:00 ESL Presentations

Link to the document with the links for the presentations.

Closed Captions Translation

Once the Google Meet is open, right click and choose translate to English.

At the top of your screen there will be a box, click on the 3 dots. Click on choose another language

Choose the language you want.

At the bottom of the screen, turn on the closed captions.

Video Directions

Ladd Read-A-Thon

The PTA is holding a virtual Read-A-Thon in place of the Laps for Ladd. The promo video explains everything. Below is the link for that and everything else your student(s) need. Happy Reading!

Key Dates

Oct. 12-16: Start collecting sponsors. Join Ladd Acres Read-A-Thon Facebook group.

Oct. 16-30: READ and continue to collect sponsors.

Oct. 30: Dress up as your favorite book character.

Oct. 31-Nov. 2: Turn in reading log.

Nov. 2-5: Turn in any cash or check donations to the school.

Promo video:

Letter to Parents:

Information Sheet:

Bingo Sheet - Assignment in google classrooms with no due date:

Reading Log - Each student will have this as an assignment in google classrooms due November 2nd:

Immunization and Exemption Rates

Our Immunization and exemption Rates Report is attached to this newsletter.

Support for Comprehensive Distance Learning

Learning right now has its own unique set of challenges (to say the least). Your child may be exhibiting extra challenges focusing, experiencing strong emotions or may even be reluctant to participate in learning. Things may go from being totally awesome to full on tears in a matter of seconds. You may even be experiencing something similar yourself. Now that school is at home, it can be hard to separate the role of parent from the role of supportive at home teacher. This is all normal and it is all hard! To help support you and your students during comprehensive distance learning, we've created a website full of resources, tips, and ideas to help, especially for the times when staying positive can feel impossible. Just like in our brick and mortar classrooms, students can access a calm corner to help them self-regulate, look through options to develop their own self-care or coping skills kit for managing large emotions and explore our tips for family collaboration to make distance learning successful. Need some extra support? We're a team, reach out so we can help!

School Counseling Website:

Student Success Coach Website:

Chromebooks and Hotspots

If you need a Chromebook or Hotspot to access comprehensive distance learning, please make sure to contact the office so we can check it out to you.

Operation School Bell

Please see the links about the program, Operation School Program.

English letter

Spanish letter

School Meals

School meals will be delivered by our school buses. Please use MyBus Student Route Look up to find your assigned stop and delivery time. You will use your student's school id number as the login and their birthdate (in MM/DD/YY format) as the password.

Upcoming Dates

Oct 12-30 Obtain Read-A-Thon Pledges

Oct 14 Back to School Curriculum Night

Oct 15 is our next PTA meeting @ 2:15pm (virtually)

Oct 16-30 Read-A-Thon Read every day!

Nov. 6. No School- Conference Prep

Nov 11 No School - Veterans Day

Nov 13 No school - Conferences

Nov. 11 - 24 Scholastic Book Fair online

Nov. 26-27 No school - Thanksgiving and Non-contract day.

Hillsboro School District Website for the 20-21 School Year

This link will take you to the page on the HSD website that has the up to date information about this school year.

20-21 School Year

Ladd Acres PTA News

Our school-wide Read-A-Thon starts on Friday. Please see the linked letter for details. This fundraiser will support virtual activities for students and provides funds to support teachers. This event is open to everyone, you do not have to fundraise in order to participate. It's a great chance to motivate students to read a story or listen to a story.

Read-a-thon Letter

Ladd Acres PTA website


Easy ways to support Ladd Acres


Resources for Families

This is a list of a range of resources that are available in our community to support families.

Nurturing Hope - an online class focused on parenting strategies and child-centered activities. See registration information below.

Support Information

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The safety and well being of our students is our number one priority and we are here to help, as well as our community partners. We know that the global pandemic has been challenging in many ways, including mental health of those in our community. Therefore we want to acknowledge Mental Health Awareness Month (also referred to as "Mental Health Month"), which has been observed in May in the United States since 1949. Many national organizations such as NAMI, Mental Health America, and other affiliates spotlight Mental Health Month to raise awareness about the importance of mental health and to stop the stigma associated with mental health. The Hillsboro School District also wants to spotlight and thank our local resources and organizations that continue to be available for support during COVID-19. Please go to for more information or for immediate access please call the agencies listed. (Admin: See above Support Sticker to post with this message). Our school staff are available Monday-Thursday for any assistance or questions that you or your student may have and we appreciate your partnership during these unprecedented times.