Arts Educators

A list of local Artists seeking to work with LDSB

Here is a collection of art proposals and websites from local artists, seeking opportunities to engage in meaningful arts opportunities with LDSB students.

This is a reference guide only.

Schools/Educators interested in these opportunities are encouraged to contact the artist, to learn more details and collaborate on future plans.

LDSB/KAC Virtual Arts Educators Roster

This link provides the names of Arts Educators who have displayed an interest in providing virtual arts experience for our Limestone students through the Kingston Arts Council.

This document indicates the artists'

- artistic disciplines they practice/teach

- experience and descriptions of programs they offer (including which division/grade levels they are aimed at)

-contact information

Here Are Proposals for Ready-made Programs Available in a Virtual Setting!


Inclusion Based Kindergarten Music Program: Patsy and Shari Share

Weekly videos will be shared with participating teachers which will include songs and a story to exploring themes focusing on inclusion. These videos can be viewed and reviewed any time throughout the week, in preparation for their visit.

In addition, artists, Shari and Patsy, will meet with classes on a weekly basis to elaborate on the songs and topic, through artistic interactions including music and art explorations.


$80 per session


$240 for 1/2 day (3 different classes per school)

Please contact the artists to discuss a plan that works best for your site:

Patsy Johnson and Shari Doesger

Watch this example below:

Video 1 - Respect

Shari Tallon Music

Shari has been doing musical workshops to support language and math as well as songwriting and drumming. She has experience teaching K-12 in music, drama, choir and creative arts

Please see website below for more information:



Dalia Gesser of Compact Theatre

This program is made up of 6-10 minute prerecorded videos of some of my published non-fiction stories, (with pictures and videos to visually enhance the spoken word), followed by group discussion about the story/message, (e. g. equity, empowerment, self-esteem, conflict resolution, overcoming personal obstacles, fear and slice-of-life etc.) The students will then be welcomed to share a life experience within the same theme or topic as the story. Each session is made up of 3-4 stories, discussions and story sharing. Teachers may be inspired to use this program as a platform for language arts curriculum. This program is made up of 4 – 6 sessions.

My published stories can be found in 'Conscious Women' and 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' book series, as well as 'Vista', 'Montreal Writes' and 'Kingston Life Magazines'. Here are two sample stories: 'Biting Off More than I Could Chew' 'The Icicle'

For more info please contact: (613) 353-7921


Heather Poechman of RubiArt

Heather Poechman, under the moniker RubiArt, is an artist based in Kingston, Ontario. She graduated from Queen’s University with a Master’s in Philosophy. From 2014-2015 she ran a successful art venture where she repurposed garage-sale items into functional contemporary furniture and held a solo art exhibition with her acrylic paintings as The Wall’s featured artist in July 2017 in Walkerton, Ontario. She uses digital, acrylic, and watercolour mediums in her personal portfolio and has an upcoming series of watercolour paintings focusing on the physical connection between the earth’s water supply and the viewer. For inquiries and interest in collaborations, you can contact Heather through her website: and on social media as @RubiArtist


Chris Cochrane

" I lay out my workshop to the teachers/principals and they decide what topic we should integrate. Some past subjects have been environmental problems, history, and bullying.

1. What they need: Pencils, erasers, paper, any colouring supplies (optional). Some kids like to work in black and white.

2. What they do: Create characters and stories from their imagination. Superheroes to battle whatever negative force the teacher has picked for us and illustrate this in a comic book storytelling format.

3. What they learn: Drawing skills, creative writing skills, problem-solving skills, and knowledge of world problems.

4. A big part of what I teach to kids is that there are huge opportunities in the creative art world. Comic book movies and TV are the biggest sources of entertainment and not to mention super profitable!

5. The main thing the kids will have is FUN!!! It's not optional :)

Thanks for your time, look forward to hearing back from you!

PS. I also successfully teach guitar, bass, ukulele, drums and a full band program.

I'm here to help.


Chris Cochrane

HM Music & Comic Art Studio

"We live to ROCK!"

Kingston, ON