Mrs. Koonce's Magical Musical Tour

Excursion Choices

Monday M&M Music and Movement

Drop in and enjoy a selection of movement activities at our first stop! At this place of interest you can elect to listen to your favorite classical music and move gracefully with scarves, or journey to an oriental land far away to perform a Chinese Ribbon Dance! For those with a patriotic heart, you will be provided a flag so you can enjoy performing a flag routine to John Phillip Sousa's "The Stars and Stripes Forever". Western enthusiasts might enjoy galloping with stick horses to "Buckaroo Holiday" from the ballet "Rodeo". Opportunities are endless and you will never be bored during your short stop on this excursion...there are activities with parachutes, beanbags. ribbons, and more! Definitely something for everyone!


On Tuesday, our next stop will be at "The Tootle Shop". Here, we will embark on an adventure of singing, singing, and more singing! You will thoroughly enjoy this happy excursion as we learn and sing songs of every style and decade! You will learn how much we are surrounded by music, and the difference it can make in our everyday lives. Music and singing can change our moods and help us through any situation we face. It can bring joy and laughter, sadness or can make us sit on the edge of our seats, or sit back and relax and dream. You will be glad to be introduced to songs that will be in your heart and soul for a lifetime. You won't want to miss out on this wonderful opportunity.


Wednesday excursions are set aside for instrumental innovations! Toss aside your sanity and disregard any inhibitions you might have about being nonmusical! Participants will be provided with a large variety of nonpitched percussion instruments, and will be guided in playing background accompaniments while listening to, and enjoying, various songs and musical selections. Participants will be given multiple opportunities to play a wide array of instruments as musical background for sound stories, using children's literature being read by our enthusiastic tour conductor, Mrs. Koonce.


At our next stop on the tour, you will be introduced to all sorts of musical adventures as we embark on a study of composers, instrument families, and music symbols (just to name a few)! We will play Musical Bingo, the fun-filled Note Name Bingo Toss game! Many more activities are offered, but you'll just have to add this excursion to your "To Do List" so you won't miss out on any of the fun!


Isn't EVERY Friday fabulous? Well, maybe not, but on our Magical Musical Tour it's the most popular event! What a crazy, fun way to wrap up our tour as every tourist is invited to our stage, complete with spotlights, comfortable audience seating, microphones, and....a disco ball! Have fun sharing, and performing all the many things you learned on your trip! Instruments, costumes, music, and manipulatives will be provided for you--or feel free to perform your own routine for everyone's enjoyment! This is a wonderful, unforgettable way to end our tour, leaving you with delightful, fun memories that will surely last a lifetime!

Rafaela Mello

Prelude The Sound of Music - Julie Andrews by Rafaela Mello