Road Runner Update

November 2022

A note from our principal, Dr. Ayala

We are working on teaching respect and responsibility. When we are respectful and responsible, we are making this world a better place.

Respect can be saying 'yes ma'am' or 'yes sir', but it can also mean not spreading untruths about others out of respect for their privacy and dignity as a human being. Respect can be saying something positive and encouraging to someone instead of getting mad or losing your temper. Our goal at Mt. Taylor is to not only teach them reading, writing, and math, but to teach them how to be kind to others and become a responsible person with values.

Let's all make the world a better place by being better people ourselves.

A look back on October...

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Halloween Fun!

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Cup Stacking

Cup Stacking Competition Participates

4th grade

Clarence Montano, Jaymila Poncho, Noah Jaramillo, Aidenn Perez, & Emilie Nieto

5th grade

Averi Elkins, Kyla Wauneka, Emalynn Garcia, Tiffany Moore, & Aaliyah Aragon

6th grade

Ximena Solis, Sabastian Griego, Jayden Desiderio, Jessie Rosales, & Michael Lorenzo

Congratulations to our students who placed at the competition!

4th Grade Overall Winners

1st- Clarence Montoya

2nd - Jaymila Poncho

5th Grade Overall Winners

1st - Averi Elkins

2nd - Kayla Linika

6th Grade Overall Winners

2nd - Ximena Solis

3rd - Sabastian Griego

AR Goals Met for Quarter 1

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Quarter 2 AR Goals & Reward

Students have until Friday, December 16th to make their AR goals. Students must meet or exceed their point goal and also maintain an 85% average or higher to make their AR Goal. We will be rewarding students who meet their Quarter 2 AR Goals with and Ice Cream Social and Dance on Friday, January 6th. So make sure you are reading everyday!!!

Upcoming Events for November

Student Council Food Drive - Nov. 1st to 18th

The grade level who collects the most cans will win a prize!

PTA Meeting - Monday, Nov. 7th

Parents please meet in the Library at 5:30 to discuss upcoming events.

Spelling Bee - Wednesday, November 9th

Students 3rd to 6th grade will compete to go on to the GCCS district Spelling Bee in January, where 3 students will represent Mt. Taylor.

Thanksgiving Lunch - Thursday, November 10th

Kindergarten - 10:30

1st Grade - 10:50

2nd Grade - 11:10

3rd Grade - 11:30

4th Grade - 12:00

5th Grade - 12:30

6th Grade - 12:50

Tickets were presold for this event.

No School - Veteran's Day

Quiz Bee - Tuesday, November 15th

Students chosen from each grade level will represent Mt. Taylor at the Quiz Bee, which will take place at Milan Elementary at 4:00.

Box Car Race - Friday, November 18th

Please log onto out Cashless webpage,PAYK12, to make a donation.

No School - Thanksgiving Break from Monday, Nov. 21st to Friday, Nov. 25th


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Scan the code below or click the link for Mt. Taylor's cashless webpage

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Students of the Month

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November Menus

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From our Classrooms...


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1st Grade

First grade is learning about how living things grow and change in reading. We are working on adding and subtracting and finding the unknown number in math. In science and social studies, we are finishing up space and going to start holidays around the world.

Mrs. Knott's class is going to watch the pumpkin life cycle with their pumpkin, the class named Jack.

2nd Grade

Hi everyone! We wanted to take this opportunity to thank all the parents that were able to attend our walking field trip. You were an amazing help, and we all had a great time. Please remind your child to continue reading and bring their AR books daily. We have been busy trying to make our 2nd quarter goals. Check with your child to see how far they are in their goal. Now that the weather is getting colder, please have your child wear a coat or jacket. Student council is having a canned food drive. If you are able, start to bring in your cans before Nov. 18th.

The 2nd Grade Team

3rd Grade

*ELA- Your child has started the unit titled, "Stories of Ancient Rome." We will be focusing on vocabulary skills and point of view for the month of November.

*Math- We will be starting a new unit called Multiplication and Division with Units of 0, 1, 6-9, and Multiples of 10. We have also switched from practicing addition and subtraction in our Reflex program to multiplication and division. Please continue to work with your child at home so that they can continue to progress on mastering their multiplication and division facts.

*Science- We will continue learning about the Human Body by making models of the skeletal system, eyes, ears, and muscles/joints.

*Social Studies- We will be learning about The Ancient Roman Civilization in conjunction with ELA- CKLA Unit 4.

*Students should be reading for at least 15-20 minutes daily to work toward their AR goals

4th Grade

5th Grade

Mrs. Spencer will no longer be in Fifth Grade in October we welcomed Ms. Regina Ipapo, who is our permanent 5th Grade ELA teacher.

In Science we will continue with our main focus for the month of November will be Earth science. We'll be discussing Earth's gravity, water sources, especially limited supply of drinking water, and conservation of natural resources by reducing human footprint. Hopefully we can do actual experiments both indoors and outdoors in the coming months in order to enhance the classroom learning. In our current phase of lessons we might be able to finish the entire coverage of the book by year end. In Social Studies, we are about to finish native American studies. For the rest of November we will be "travelling abroad", we will be studying foreign cultures such as Asia's silk road, Africa's trading empire and European explorers. I also plan to introduce vocabulary term as part of the lesson in order to increase understanding and knowledge not only for Social Studies but as part of overall education

For Math, we will continue our work on multiplying and dividing fractions and mixed numbers. This is a multistep process of converting mixed numbers to improper fractions, multiplying or dividing them, then simplifying them (reduced form). We will also be returning to decimals numbers and multi-digit multiplication and division by the end of the month. Please make sure you check Parentvue weekly to see if your child has any missing work. Any papers with low grades can be fixed for a higher grade, if students choose to do so.

We have begun the second quarter in ELA class with a blast!

We started the lesson with an inquiry and observations about animals and their Habitat.

The students will be able to determine and meaning of words and phrases used in texts including figurative languages such as metaphors and similes. We are also reading for for research purposes, learning to find key information and draw conclusions.

6th Grade

Dear 6th Grade Parents,

Did you know that the first week of November is World Communication Week (Nov 1-7th)? What a great week to communicate with your students to see what they are learning, what they are interested in, and what goal they have for the rest of this year or the beginning of next year.

We would like to take a moment to thank you for supporting your students as they walk this last year of elementary school. Thank you for sending needed items to class, for encouraging them to do their homework and celebrating with them. “All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my mother.” – Abraham Lincoln

And Finally, Congratulations to the 6th Grade Spelling Bee winners! The following students will be moving onto the Mt. Taylor Spelling Bee: Emma Munson, Micheal Lorenzo, Sebastian Griego, Abagail Carr, Samara Garcia, Jeremiah Barrientes, Mariam Torres, Joelle Chavez, Ximena Solis, and alternate Nathanial Saltclah.

Happy November

Sixth Grade Team

Dr. Rile's Class