Oklahoma City Bombing

Kaleb Neal


On April 19, 1995, in Oklahoma City a bomb explosion near the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building killed 168 people and injured hundreds more. The bomb was detonated by anti-government militant Timothy McVeigh. McVeigh received the death penalty in 2001 for committing this crime. Terry Nichols, his co-conspirator, was sentenced to life in prison. Before September 11, 2001, this was the worst terrorist attack on United State's soil.


  • The blast killed 168 people, including 19 children
  • McVeigh claimed he targeted the building in OKC to avenge the raid on Waco
  • A rental truck contained the bomb, which then exploded
  • McVeigh and Nichols were both members of a radical right-wing group based in Michigan
  • McVeigh served in the Persian Gulf War


This event was very significant to our history. It was the worst, and most extreme attack that has happened in America before 9/11. Security increased all over the United States as a result of this bombing. Many family's were grieving over the loss of their loved ones.