Monday Memo

February 15, 2016

From your Assistant Principal:

We are getting close to the middle of the marking period. Can you believe it's that time already?? Please get ready to send home progress alerts. Remember it's best practice to send something home to everyone so that parents have an idea of how their child is doing.

Remember that Superintendent Jeff Eakins and Brenda Grasso will be here around 8:00 on Wednesday morning. They will be walking campus and seeing all the wonderful things we are doing here at TBK8! Please remember to be dressed professionally and to arrive at school on time. :)

In case you missed the testing accommodation's You Tube video at last Tuesday's faculty meeting:

As I try to grow as an AP I have officially joined twitter! You can follow me @MrsBarone_AP and I would love to follow your class!

This past week I’ve read about Asking questions about teaching & Analyzing the outcomes. Lesson planning requires using the creative process described below.

1) Ask the right questions- "How can I make this lesson outrageously entertaining, engaging and powerful so that my students will never forget it and will be desperate to come back for more." (Burgess pg. 43)

2) Write down ideas- "Capturing your thoughts validates their worth, an act that sends a subtle message to your subconscious that the effort spent on idea generation will not be squandered." (Burgess pg. 47)

3) Implement your ideas and evaluate the outcome- You may have the best ideas in the world, but until you implement them they are just ideas on paper. Once you implement, notice and document how your lesson goes.

4) Learn from feedback and keep moving forward- If we want our students to go out on a limb during lessons, we must do the same. "If you haven’t failed in the classroom lately, you aren’t pushing the envelope far enough. Safe lessons are a recipe for mediocrity at best." (Burgess pg. 48) The author also suggests that we should constantly seek feedback from our audience- our students. Their feedback most often comes in the form of participation, so observe, watch and determine what their participation may tell you about the lesson.

For more information or to see other teachers’ reflections on "teaching like a pirate", you can follow the hashtag #TLAP on Twitter.

From Your Counselors


      • -Tickets will be sold for 125 stripes.

      • -Students (K-5) must turn in stripes to lower or upper campus media center.

      • -Students (6-8) will turn in stripes at the Tiger Store on the stage during lunch.

      • -TEACHERS: please have students staple piles of 10 or 5 together for easy and quick counting.

      • -Once students turn in 125 tickets, they will be added to the mystery event list.


      • -EVENT WILL BE March 11th

      • -On the day of the event, students will receive a special ticket or bracelet to wear at the event.

      -K-5 teachers, please place advertisement in your store. (in your mailbox)

      Big image

      Mrs. Lipinczyk's class talking to their virtual Valentine's in Edison, New Jersey!

      Upcoming Events:

      2/16 Select 4th graders take NAEP

      2/17 Mr. Eakins and Ms. Grasso will be on campus

      2/19 5th grade to USF Engineering Expo

      2/23 Spring Pictures

      2/23 Anderson, Beldt, Lipinczyk, Edwards and Gonzalez to Tampa History Museum

      2/23 Small group faculty meeting - all 3rd - 5th grade teachers

      2/24 Short, Constantinou, Beland and Collier to Tampa History Museum

      2/24 Firearm safety UC 3rd grade

      2/24 4th grade Skin cancer prevention (4 classes not on the field trip)

      2/24 Family night at McDonald's

      2/25 Firearm safety LC 3rd grade

      2/25 4th grade Skin cancer prevention (5 classes not on the field trip)

      2/25 Conference night

      2/25 Kindergarten and PreK round up 9:30

      2/26 STEM student of the month