DMS theme

Is to always be creative

One piece of art at DMS!

Every art piece at DMS are always really creative. They all have their own size color and shape. And the theme of the art is to always be creative. It follows this theme because, they are made by a student that put all of their time an effort into it. If the student didn't give effort, it would not be as nice and, not be in the halls for people to see.

3 pieces of art! (shown below) and a little about them.

More reasons why the theme is to always be creative is because, all of the students made it look creative. If they didn't like it they probably did it again. Then, made it they way the wanted it. And practice is perfect, so most of the young artists must have made some types of mistakes but, they made their mistakes their own and worked around them. That is why it is creative.

The art at DMS are all so creative in so many ways. The all have the personality's of the characters, the have the right facial expressiosn, and made the shape of the characters perfect. That is why these are all so creative!

The theme at Discover Middle School (DMS) is to always be creative. And it shows this theme in almost everything but mostly the art. They were so creative in so many ways and, it showed how creative the students and the staff are!

From the art, to students and, to staff the theme of DMS is to be creative. The expressions on the faces of the art were really creative. The personalities were correct and, the shape of the character was correct.