By: Michael Grant


Hunger is the second book in the Gone series. The book takes place in a small town next to the ocean in California. One day a huge dome popped up around the town, sealing off above the ground as well as above ground. All people who were 17 and older disappeared and some of the children inside the dome gained super powers. The kids have named the place they now live the "FAYZ" or the Fall Out Alley Youth Zone. Survival in the FAYZ has been tough but civil wars between the kids have only made it tougher to survive.

Sam and Caine are twin brothers who have never gotten along well. They have both split up into opposing groups. Sam leads the majority of the children in the FAYZ. They live in the old houses on Perdido Beach and have established a civilization. Sam has established the power to shoot scalding hot lasers out of his hands. Caine leads a group called the Coates along side Drake. Cane has suffered months of insanity because he went to visit The Darkness. Not much is revealed about The Darkness so far, it is so powerful that it invades a person's consciousness Diane is part of the Coates and she nursed him back to health. Caine has the power to move objects within a certain range and Drake's arm was replaced with a tentacle by The Darkness. Caine and the Coates decide to break into a nuclear plant on Sam's territory to control Perdido Beach's electricity.

The book goes more in depth on The Darkness and disputes between Perdido Beach and the Coates. This series is six books long and the books are very difficult to understand. The book is science fiction and Michael Grant did an excellent job of writing them. Each book has it's own quote, the quote for this book is, "The only thing to fear is each other.". These books are very deep and are never boring. I would recommend this book to anybody who has time to read it with little to no breaks. It is very confusing and I had to reread many parts. Yet I took it as a challenge and it payed off in the end, I look forward to finishing the series.